The "Should You Take A Relationship Quiz?" Quiz
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The "Should You Take A Relationship Quiz?" Quiz

This quiz determines if your relationship needs a relationship quiz to help decide if your guy is right for you.

Question 1:   You finally convinced your boyfriend to go with you to the ballet. The night of the production, your boyfriend suddenly comes down with the flu. Do you...
Run away and vomit?
Slash his tires in the middle of the night, while he's asleep?

Question 2:   Your birthday is coming up and you've been dropping hints about the new Justin Timberlake CD you've been dying for. When your birthday arrives, your boyfriend gives you...
A kiss on the cheek while he whispers, "I love you."
A black eye.
$5 McDollars™

Question 3:   You're at the mall with your friends and you spot your boyfriend talking to another girl. What do you do?
Whisper, "I love you."
Go over to him and throw your drink in his face.
Head on over to the Gadzooks. You didn't like him that much anyway.

Question 4:   You and your boyfriend go on a weeklong vacation. After the first three days, your boyfriend disappears "mysteriously." Do you...
Call the police, something could be terribly wrong.
Stand in the middle of the street, crying and screaming his name.
Breathe a sigh of relief. "Finally, he's gone."

Question 5:   Your boyfriend wins two tickets to go see Jessie and the Rippers, but his best friend is dying of cancer and it's his last wish to go and see Jessie and the Rippers live one last time. Do you....
Feel resentful toward his friend? He's only going to be alive for 6 more months anyway; you have a whole lifetime to reflect on the concert
Let him take his friend to the concert.
Go home and write in your diary: "Dear Diary, today was the worst day of my life. But... I can't help it... I love him."

Question 6:   A really hot nerdy guy walks by you and your boyfriend while you're snuggling in the grass at your local recreational facility. After checking him out for a minute, the nerdy guy walks over to you two and asks if you can recite pi to the 10th digit. You...
You spout off 10 random numbers, maybe he doesn't know pi to the 10th digit either.
Ignore him. You're with your "man."
Lean over to your boyfriend and whisper in his ear that you love him, then tell the nerdy guy, "3.1415926535"

Question 7:   You catch your boyfriend doing drugs with his crew. You...
Call your mom. Then his mom. Then all of his friends moms until they all get in trouble. That'll teach him not to share.
Call the police. Crack is whack!
Hold him and tell him you love him.

Question 8:   Your boyfriend is captain of the football team and homecoming is on the horizon. Instead of asking you to the homecoming dance, he asks your ex-best friend Cindy to go with him. After finding out, you decide that you've had enough and you go and confront him. You tell him...
That you killed Cindy. It's not true.. but maybe he's too stupid to notice.
You love him.
How it hurts your feelings that he didn't ask you, his girlfriend, to the dance with him, but that you'll forgive him after you slash his tires. Then run out to his car and slash his tires.

Question 9:   You and your boyfriend are going to go skydiving for your 2 month anniversary. Right before jumping out of the airplane, you tell him your darkest secret. Which is...
You love him.
Your mother is a Jew, and by default, no matter what your beliefs are, you're also a Jew. Then jump without opening your parachute until the very last second - timing it perfectly because you're pretty smart.
That if he died tomorrow, you would date his best friend in a heartbeat. Then jump.

Question 10:   You have the once in a lifetime chance to be on American Idol next season, but your boyfriend doesn't want you to go on national TV because he thinks your an untalented dog. You...
Go outside and slash his tires.
Write in your diary about how mean he is to you, finally deciding that you're your own woman and can make your own choices in life, eventually coming to the realization that he was right all along. Then you cry yourself to sleep.
Whisper, "I love you."

This Quiz has been designed by Tony Danza.