What's My Secret Fetish?

You might not consider yourself kinky, but maybe you should! Don't dismiss yourself as being "vanilla" just yet; this quiz might unveil an exciting side you never knew existed!
Step into the shadows and take this quiz to unravel the mysteries of your secret fetish. Rest assured, your exploration remains confidential. Your desires will remain your own little secret, shared only with yourself and the depths of your imagination.
Don't keep your desires locked away any longer—let them flourish and come to life once you have found out what gets you going!
Let's get started!

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    How into self-care are you?

    How into self-care are you?

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20 days ago
@no yea true bc i KNOW my fetish
i just wanted to see if it was true
ig not......😪
312 days ago
this is wrong asf bro
463 days ago
What's the first answer? Asking for a friend.