What's Your Secret Fetish?

What kinky stuff do you get up to in your spare time? Me, I make quizzes. Here's one about fetishes - see what your top one is now! I won't tell if you won't. (And I definitely won't tell you what I get up to besides making quizzes for freaky people!:-)

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    Favorite part of the female body?
    Favorite part of the female body?

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4 days ago
i said the word S. U. C. K. S. ... not supposed to be a heart emoji this quiz is bad.
4 days ago
thia quiz 😍................
54 days ago
🦄 mine was cutting??? How does this website know me better
105 days ago
I hope this is ironic
134 days ago
apparently I like black people???????????????/
153 days ago
Offended that “ favorite part of the female body” didn’t have stomach as an option
154 days ago
offended that "favorite part of the female body" didn't have feet as an option
158 days ago
I got nipple 🍦 lol. tf?
191 days ago
Offended that "favorite part of the female body" didn't have neck as an option
201 days ago
offended that the "favorite part of the female body" didnt have thighs or😻as an option
207 days ago
A'ight, as a 33 year old, Japanese serial killer with a hand fetish, I feel offended that I was called Byakugan. Honestly, leave me and my Yoshikage Kira fetish alone.
237 days ago
rip to those people who thinks this is serious. that yugioh reference and bakugan fetsh caught me off-guard lmfao
237 days ago
lmao the choices in this made made laugh so hard especially the 7th question
237 days ago
Where is "thighs" in favorite part of female body
253 days ago
Okay but
Does a pirate fetish exist?
Then that's me...
253 days ago
This got me all wrong...
Cutting? I'm not into that,
I be a pirate me hearties!...
267 days ago
I... Dont have a top fetish but I love black girls?...

I mean true but...
279 days ago
Ummmm.... Cutting is a real fetish??? Do you know what masochism is??? thats literally me
301 days ago
Bakugan is not a fetish, what is this???
336 days ago