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Does Your Crush Like Someone Else? Quiz

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You're daydreaming about that special someone again, aren't you? The butterflies in your stomach flutter every time they're around, but there's a nagging question that keeps pulling you back to reality: Does he even notice you, or is his attention focused on another? Let's face it; love is complicated, and sometimes figuring out someone's feelings can feel like deciphering an ancient code. Fortunately, we've got you covered with this quiz, designed to help you discover if your crush is really into you, or perhaps has his sights set on someone else. Are you ready to find out? Let's dive in!

  • 1
    Your crush is seen hanging out with someone else.
    Your crush is seen hanging out with someone else.
  • 2
    Your crush seems to ignore you more than usual.
  • 3
    He tries to get away from you.

  • 4
    He barely ever talks to you.
  • 5
    He stares at someone else.
  • 6
    He stares at you.

  • 7
    He seems to act more strangely than usual.
  • 8
    He hangs out with other girls.
  • 9
    He is very popular and everyone loves him.
  • 10
    He is going out with you.

Comments (71)


72 days ago
i met my crush at camp and he goes to my club and now i can't stop thinking about him
72 days ago
Your crush might like someone else, but he likes you more yessssss!!!!!!!!!! im gonna talk to him tomorrow if he's there
387 days ago
I'm just writing this so it'll get to 69 comments
542 days ago
I met my crush on my swimming team 3 years ago, we are pretty good friends. Still, now he seems a bit distant from me before I overheard him say my name to one of my bullies, and IDK what it's about, that was 5 months ago. Now he ignores me sometimes and he keeps talking to my best friend, I feel kinda sad and i think he has lost interest in me, he's very kind and funny and everyone says that I am too, IDK if I'm overthinking it tho.
587 days ago
How the ..... test says he likes you ,The other day a saw him making out with her.
Make a move the test says.....
615 days ago
he used to be kind to me now he suddenly got meaner..
649 days ago
@sad me too :( I’ve liked him for a while now and he knows it. I’ve thought he might like me back but then today one of our friends (a girl) yelled out do it for L**** when he went up to shoot in basketball, but he purposely missed the shot I think… ack
674 days ago
I can never trust these quizzes Bc they aren’t just that simple, there is social media, popularity, looks, classes, etc… so I don’t think this is very accurate I think he likes this other girl :(
678 days ago
He likes me and only me! He said he likes me but he sits next to a lot of different girls
724 days ago
5/10 answers! What does that mean!!!......?
748 days ago
so my crush's name is connor he does not like me but that is ok because i beat up his crush so he got upset but i maid him feel better
771 days ago
This quiz wasn't really MY KIND. Mainly because of the "right and wrong" answers
773 days ago
So E X C I T E D ! ! ! !

He may like another but he likes you the most.

You have correctly answered 6 of 10 questions
875 days ago
so my crush I like him and one of my friends who I've never seen talk to him claims he told her he likes my bff which is prob a lie buy anway I've loved him ever since I was 2 wich I think makes us compatible I hope please comment if you think so
899 days ago
I got 2 out of 10 questions but it say my crush only likes me
923 days ago
He may like another but he likes you the most.

You have correctly answered 5 of 10 questions.

On average, 39907 of users who took the quiz gave 4.49 right answers.

928 days ago
this is fake quiz and dont try this fake quiz and they just tryna to make us happy :(
928 days ago
it says that he like another but he likes me the most but I don't think but I'll wait for my crush .
928 days ago
True story it happen to my life I'm so sad cuz my crush hate me and he loves another girl and he hanging out with that girl and joking with her and it seems like they like each other, And now I'm alone.
996 days ago
he likes me only i want to hug him but what if he doesnt want to then what. i look ridiclous and he doesnt like what could be worse. then on the other hand i could be with my dream boyfriend. should i go for is or what