Is he cheating on you?

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He said he loves you.
He said he likes you.
He said he cares about you. But he's always sneaking off. Want to find out what he's doing?

  • 1
    Here's a scenario: It's your 20th birthday! After today, you will never become a teenager ever again. It's a very special day! Your boyfriend/husband remembers today. What does he get you?
  • 2
    Another scenario? You two are walking in a beach. A woman/man is wearing a small swimsuit. You ask him if they're hot. What do they say?
  • 3
    3rd scenario: Your partner is sneaking off a lot. You ask them what they're doing. What would they most likely be doing?

  • 4
    Scenario #4: You just bought a new shirt that you think you look fat in. You ask your partner's opinion. What do they say?
  • 5
    5: Your partner left his computer at home. It's time to see what they've been searching. What will most likely be there?
  • 6
    6: You finished searching your partner's history. Time for the e-mails. What will you most likely find him sending others?

  • 7
    7: You expect something coming from him on your anniversary. What might it be?
  • 8
    8: A new nightclub opened in town. You're planning to go together. What's going to happen?
  • 9
    How much does he like you? (Out of 5)
  • 10
    Do you think he's cheating on you?

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306 days ago
Very nice quiz. You guys can check out the one I created. 691711/Is-he-cheating-on-you
346 days ago
My boyfriend is cheating on me I saw him stripping with TWO girl who are not me. IM DUMPING HIM SOOO HARD
530 days ago
My husband lies alot and I caught him proposing woman for marriage even talking to his ex wife and convincing her tht he dont want divorce he hides his phone and locked his phone dont let me see anything sits away from me but he sleeps with me daily go out to the parties with me take me everywhere he goes dont argument with me always calms me down takes great care of me he loves bed time with me and whn he is away he needs my private photos forcefully gives me money buy me anything i like dont mind me talking to male frnds or guys whn i confronted him for his online messages he says its just a online thing he makes rich women fool and gets their money
575 days ago
Thanks, this test help me a lot
575 days ago
Thanks, this is test help me a love
859 days ago
I don't even have a boyfriend XD
905 days ago
I take the quizzes for fun honestly
930 days ago
It was a fun test but I want to take one that is about how pretty u r
950 days ago
He’s not cheating but he’s not good enough... we was out last weekend and was messing about how a done a French gcse but can’t remeber any and he said so he said j’adore Madi and I said it back and we went to bed next day I got up and asked him about it and r said he doesn’t remeber speaking French to me because he was drunk and today are goodbye when he went to work felt different and I said see you tomorrow and ignored me then I messaged him to make sure he got to work in time and all I got was ‘yeah’ usually he finishes with ‘goodnight babe speak and see you tomorrow’ but when u said goodnight see you tomorrow he left me on read...
am I being stupid?
He’s my first boyfriend kiss person who I love
Boy who first paid attention to me and also took my Virginity
957 days ago
He is a cheater!! I knew it!!!