How Sweet is your boyfriend?
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How Sweet is your boyfriend?

We all think our boyfriends are sweet, but truly how sweet are they?

Question 1:How did you boyfriend ask you out?
Did he write you a note and say that he liked you and asked you out?
Did he pull you aside from everybody and say that he really liked you and said,"Will you go out with me?"
Did he say,"So we go out now, right?"
Or did you have to ask him out?

Question 2:When he kissed you for the first time, right after the kiss did he.....
Look away automatically.
Did he look into your eyes for a second then pop kiss you again and then continue what he was doing.
Did he kiss you (pop) then try to french kiss you.

Question 3:How does he act around his/yours when you are there?
Pays attention to you, and makes sure you are having fun, and kisses you every chance he has.
He talks to you for like 5 minutes then goes with his friends.
He sits with you and talks to his friends, then kisses you when he sees that you feel left out.

Question 4:When he calls does he.....
Say, "Hey", and then only talk about him.
Say,"Hey", and then you sit there in silence.
Say honey, and ask you how have you been.
Say ,"Hey Honey", ask how you have been and after that tell you what he did.

Question 5:How did he tell you he loved you?
Did he pull you aside from everyone and kiss you softly and then say,"I love you"?
Did he say,"I love you" then walk away?
Did you two go on a walk and then he said (out of the blue) ,"I love you"?
Or did you say that you loved him first?

Question 6:Does he show you respect and always makes sure you are having fun or happy?
Most of the time
All the time

Question 7:Has he ever made you quit talking to a certain person because he doesn't approve of that person, or boss you around?
Sometimes, he is only looking out for me.
Never, he lets me have my friends and he has his, unless he thinks that person is planning to hurt me in some way.
Always, I don't even have friends anymore.

Question 8:Does he call you.....
Sometimes, when he can.
Never, I always have to call him.
We call each other when we can and we don't really think about who calls who more.

Question 9:Has he let you wear something(sweater, jacket, hat) and said you could keep it with you so you could think of him?
Yes, of course.
No, I had to ask for it.
No he won't let me touch any of his things.
Yes, and it even smells like him.

Question 10:Last but not least, if you are planning to do something with him and you get grounded does he...
Get mad and tells you that you are stupid, and hang up.
Does he say ok, but is really mad.
Does he say ok, and understand and assures you that you will make plans for another day.
Does he get mad but assures you that he just wanted to see you, and he still loves you.

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