How Sweet is Your Boy?
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How Sweet is Your Boy?

Is your boyfriend really Mr. Prince Charming, or do you have to dump him tomorrow?

Question 1:   You are having a very bad day, and you don't feel like talking about it. Your boyfriend...
bugs you about it until you tell him.
holds you close to him and whispers, "It'll be ok"
shrugs it off and starts talking about his day

Question 2:   You just had surgery, so couldn't come to school/work where you see him. When school/work is over, he...
calls you and tells you to get better fast because he misses you soooooo much!
calls you and says, "get better fast. Till then, I'll be chillin with the boys"
sends you an email telling how much he missed you

Question 3:   You catch your boyfriend with a group of girls, and they look awfully friendly. You get very mad, and when you ask him about it, he...
says "they're just my friends"
apologizes for giving you the wrong impression, holds you close, and tells you he loves you
tells you that you're too jealous

Question 4:   How does your boyfriend talk about you to his parents?
He tells them your name, how wonderful you are, how beautiful you are...
He tells them your name
They don't know who you are.

Question 5:   It's your birthday. Your boyfriend...
gives you a card and a small gift
surprises you with flowers, a gift, and a load of kisses

Question 6:   It's your 6 month anniversary, and it happens to fall on a Saturday--the day that your boyfriend works longest. He...
sets it up for him to miss work that Saturday. It IS your 6 month anniversary!
promises he'll make plans for Sunday with you instead, and he'll make it up to you
tells you he needs the cash, so why don't you guys celebrate the one year instead

Question 7:   One of your boyfriend's friends call you something that you don't like. Your boyfriend...
laughs, then apologizes.
tells him to stop, and then apologizes to you.
gives his friend a black eye

Question 8:   You tell your boyfriend one of your deepest, most painful secrets. He...
talks to you about it, makes you feel better, and then promises secrecy till the day he dies
tries to cover up his laughter.
swears to keep it secret forever.

Question 9:   You happened to put on one of the most hideous shirts in your wardrobe. On top of that, you squirt an entire pack of ketchup right down the front. When you see your boyfriend...
he glances at it, but pretends like he doesn't see anything and then smiles at you
he glances at your shirt briefly, then gives you his jacket to cover it up
his jaw hangs open, making you turn bright red.

Question 10:   Your boyfriend makes a joke without realizing that you would take it very personally. He...
apologizes and tells you that he loves you so much
wonders why you're so stinkin' sensitive

Question 11:   When you two get into your first fight, it is because...
you caught him cheating.
of a complete misunderstanding, you both were having horrible days
your boyfriend is bothering you about things you don't want to talk about or do

Question 12:   You tell him that you don't want to go with him to a party because you know that your ex will be there. He...
says, "suck it up, please. geez"
says "why should you worry? You're with me, and I'll make sure it's known how much I love you."
says "fine."

Question 13:   You are going to the movies, and you really want to catch the new chick flick. He...
makes you buy tickets to that horror movie.
agrees to go with you. It doesn't matter as long as he's with you.
asks you to make a compromise. How about something in between sappy chick flick and extreme horror?

Question 14:   You tell him that you love him. He...
tells you that he's not ready to love you, but that's cool
runs and tells everyone.
holds you tightly, then whispers into your ear that he loves you too

Question 15:   Do you feel like he's The One judging on how he treats you?
no, but I like him nonetheless.
of course!

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