How Well Do You Know Your Boyfriend?

How well do you know your boyfriend? You're in touch literally all the time...joined at the hip electronically when not in you know him pretty well, right? You might be surprised, actually! Take this test to see what level you two are on with trust and closeness.

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    Do you text your boyfriend every day?

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999 days ago
Wat? I got 50% "back up a bit" and 50% "step up your game" I'm so confuzzled right now
1294 days ago
Me and Sebbe dont spend so mutch time together becuse he lives in another city
1540 days ago
me an Harvey such a cute couple I just wonta kiss him but I'm afraid he wont like me eny more and he is like so hot
2108 days ago
I love juan we will be toghetter forever bae
2157 days ago
Thanku u proof that i love him sooo much u r right
2197 days ago
On the first question it says that do you text him every day and i said no because i don't have a phone
2351 days ago
i luv liz more than u!
2703 days ago
i love my boyfriend and he said he loves me
2769 days ago
how do i know that he loves me
2827 days ago
My boyfriend is so hot
2901 days ago
Had really good result not bad butt