Is he being a good boyfriend?
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Is he being a good boyfriend?

He may be going out with you, but is there anything more there than just the title...?

Question 1:How often does he call you?
Once or twice a week
Once or twice a fortnight
Every single day, he will call or send a txt... Just to let you know he cares
Every two days or so
Pretty much every day, sometimes missing a few days

Question 2:How does he treat you around his friends?
He acts like you are a treasure, and makes sure you are looked after
It varies from time to time, but he's generally pretty good
He ignores you and teases you
You have never even met his friends!
He gets caught up in being with his mates, but every now and then he will show he cares

Question 3:When you are alone together.....
He just wants to do sexual things
He wants to talk about things
He wants to talk, have fun and add a bit of sex appeal in there too
Keeps checking his watch and argues with you
He's generally nice but seems distracted

Question 4:He see's you with a big pimple on your chin and he...
Laughs and points
Tells you he can't be seen with you until it is gone
Tries to ignore it but keeps looking at it and wont kiss you
Acts pretty normal, but wont take you in public
Is absolutely normal; its obvious he doesn't care about it

Question 5:When it comes to your interests....
He just does not care
Talks to you a little bit about them every now and then
He thinks you should not have any
Likes that you have other interests and encourages you with them
Encourages you and sometimes joins in just to make you happy

Question 6:When it comes to other guys....
He thinks you are to ugly to get anyone else
Gets really angry and jealous if you even look at another guy
Trusts you and is flattered that other guys find his girl attractive too
Can sulk if you pay too much attention to another guy
Is pretty cool with you hanging with other guys, except for a tiny bit of paranoia

Question 7:Around your friends he is....
Irritable as hell... He does not like them
Pays all his attention to them and flirts with them openly
Is very distant and does not interact
Is warm and happy but doesn’t really care much about them
If they are your friends they are his friends

Question 8:Has he ever cheated on you?
No, never!
He almost did once but he stopped himself
When he was drunk and it was an awful mistake he is still trying to make up for
He has done it a few times, but promises he wont ever again
Uhhh... It is a constant thing......

Question 9:With money he....
Wont give you a penny, even on a date
Might buy you a drink when you go to the movies
He doesn't mind paying for a few dates
He buys your love with gold and diamonds (So to speak)
He will pay for a date and buy you a little trinket every now and then just to be cute

Question 10:How did he ask you out?
When he was at a party, drunk
After he had just broken up with another girl (ASAP)
At a friends place, having a few quiet drinks
During sex
Something truly romantic, like on a row boat or walking into your class with flowers

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