Is He a Good Boyfriend?

So, you think you have the GREATEST boyfriend out there. That's awesome - lucky you! Or maybe you're not quite so sure how he stacks up? Well, let's find out either way! Take my quiz and see if he's a keeper or a creeper! (I really hope he is the former.:-) Good luck!

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    Oh, no! You're sick with the flu and will be out of school for a whole week. Your boyfriend:
    Oh, no! You're sick with the flu and will be out of school for a whole week. Your boyfriend:

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360 days ago
hi ladys im a girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
360 days ago
whats up my duds
480 days ago
To ‘Life is not worth it’ I’m sorry. My advice is maybe trying to talk with him. If that doesn’t work, maybe you should give him some space. As for that Kiesha girl, you can be polite and kill her with kindness, but still assert your dominance. Let her know your man is taken. 😉 Also, keep and eye out if he starts looking as interested in her as she OBVIOUSLY is in him. 🙄

Good Luck! 😁
527 days ago
My boyfriend was good at the beginning but he started to ignore me lately because he is focused on his friends and video games. At school, I always see a girl named Kiesha touching him or hugging him. What should I do, should I talk to him or will that just make the situation worst? Help 😞
600 days ago
I think my boyfriend can improve
652 days ago
i got my ans, he loves me the most
658 days ago
he is a thot he dont love me
690 days ago
he is good and he will always love me💖💞💕
742 days ago
i need a wedding ring
781 days ago
Sometimes when he wants me to play with him and not my bff
781 days ago
Dear Anna, the best thing to do would be to have him explain it with you....
Best of luck,
790 days ago
LEAVE HIM!! he aint worth your time babe...
795 days ago
okay, so my bf is a total gamer which i don't mind. he has a really close relationship with his online dudes so usually he's playing games with them. so i join the calls but i'm always just sitting there dumbfounded since i can't add to the conversation. he usually just talks about with me the nasties. i don't really thinks he respects me much. i say sweet things thinking maybe he's nervous but still a simple "gn" . ya'll have advice? i get along VERY well with his friends though so that's a good thing. anyway, i hope someone reads this. give me advice please
850 days ago
Hey guys!! I’m doing a church camp with my bf, and one of the other girls likes him. He talked to her a little, and she kept trying to talk to him/be with him. She’s nice and I don’t think shes aware that we’re dating. How should I let her find out? She’s pretty nice and I don’t want to just go up and tell her. What should I do? Any advice?
966 days ago
I got it right! I love him...
1109 days ago
I got my boyfriend is amazing! That is so true! He is great!
1120 days ago
He is caring and understanding (my boyfriend), I love him so very much
1213 days ago
My boyfriend would never do that
1293 days ago
Idk i think he doesnt
1331 days ago
My boyfriend is my world 💏🌍