Is He A Player, Or Does He Really Like Me?

Hopefully, my quiz will help you understand that relationship that makes your head spin - YOU know the one! - just a little better. Take it now and see if he (or she) is playing you or not! P.S.: Please be prepared to end the relationship out of respect for yourself.

  • 1
    Are you friends with him/her?
    Are you friends with him/her?
  • 2
    How long have you been friends?
  • 3
    Is he/she a player?

  • 4
    Do you do couple things with him/her?
    (For example, kissing, touching, holding hands, cuddling)
  • 5
    Do his friends know about you?
  • 6
    What do you talk about with him/her?

  • 7
    How old is he/she is compared to you?
  • 8
    Do your friends know about her/him?
  • 9
    Has he/she ever told you he liked/loved you as more than a friend?
  • 10
    Do you think he is playing you?

  • 11
    Do you fantasize about him/her?
  • 12
    Is he or she single?

Comments (64)


7 days ago
I got he actually likes me.Mike if your reading this(ik ur real name isn't mike,but thats what u want me to call u)Just know that i love you...alot..even though i might not be flirty or whatever,u never gave up..And just so you know that it really is me...we have nicknames for eachtother and we're friends in a game.thank you for everything.ilysm.I'd literally even take a bullet for you...never leave me..pls...It's just hard for me to take those roght words out of my mouth,so i just say the wring thing...ik i can be mean,while ur flirting,but that doesn't mean that i dont love not that type of girl who's thirsty for guys,and flirts with every single person she just the opposite..lmao.i dont flirt with anyone,even tho i love that person more than my life lmaoo
32 days ago
well he likes me back but he doesnt know it yet. Weird right well i would kill to get to kiss him. today i will try to hug him and then work from there. im in middle school. idk why i said that
50 days ago
a guy ive known for 7 years asks to see my 🚔 a few times every few years or so i never show him because i kmow his background but he always trys to convince me that hes changed the other day he told me he fancies mt best friend and wants me to set them up i said yeh sure but then he kept brinign up my 🚔 and i think i realised that hes been playing me this whole time and basiclaly objectifying me and the only reason we can have deep chats is because im nothing to him and he knows the info wont go further because im just an object, 🚔 on a stick.
58 days ago
He says that he is only interested in wanting to have🌻and that he is not interested in getting to know me
106 days ago
I found out today that my crush has had so many ex's and has asked out one of my friends like 30 time, idk if hes a player im pretty sure he likes me beacuse he always acts so sweet around me and protects me from any guys who ask me out or bug me non stop and he teases me about everything but idk if he likes me or doesnt and if hes going to break my heart
176 days ago
hey whats up
176 days ago
i like him and his cousins and friends say he is crazy about me but im not so sure
182 days ago
He love me I ask him out and he kissed me and said yes
183 days ago
He isn't a player🥳
195 days ago
so imma hop on the bandwagon here and join in the fun of ranting!

there's this guy that i used to like a lot. and when i mean a lot, i mean, A LOT, borderline love. he's 2 yrs older than me and we met online a few months ago. i'm pretty sure he doesn't like me back (even tho i thought he might have been dropping hints, but then again, i overthink everything, so...). we used to talk pretty often and seemed to get along, but then he just out-of-the-blue blocked me. come again, he was not very nice to me sometimes, but i just feel like we click. but, ik he's bad for me, so i tried to rid myself of my feelings for him, and it worked for a few days, but recently he's hit me harder than ever and idk what to do
221 days ago
Yep, he is a player.
291 days ago
Alright... Here goes nothing...
I'm in a bit of a problem. There was this boy named Andrew and he became best friend in school. He is a few grades younger than me and like 2 years youger. He dated my older sis's friend who loves him but is quite possive.... Anyways long story short he broke up with her and told in a card that he kliked me
306 days ago
Im soo inlove with a guy, he loves me half the same amount. I dated him once but he broke up with me but hes still in love with me. Whenever I ask him out he would reject me. I asked him out 3 times.. He said "Im gonna be single my whole life for now" thats what got me having a breakdown..
309 days ago
Hey comment rants

I really really really (I think you get the point) absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEE this boy named theo in my class and I went out wit him and I dumped him cus I was having a hormonal breakdown and now I would take a bullet to get him back. We haven't seen eachother since lockdown mum doesn't know we even went out and I deleted his number and cant find it. I'm so sad and it feels like one of the only people that actually liked me has gone. I want I'm backkkkkk. All I can imagine is his support and holding me when I need him and his humor and he was to good to be true.

He means the absolute world. I'm only 11 and yh

Theo I need you!!!!!!!

#losingtourlo ve
#whereareyouthe o
316 days ago
Haha I'mma join in on the comment rants. So there's this guy I have liked for a long time and I finally had the guts over quarantine to tell him I liked him and he said he wasn't sure what he was feeling yet and basically friendzoned me very politely. But that was a month ago and now we r talking and I would dare say best friends and he says I'm hot and pretty and amazing all the time but also everytime we get close he indirectly friendzones me and says that he just wants to be friends. It is so confusing and I hate it. Sorry for the rant. Needed to complain cause it has been eating me up for awhile now.
398 days ago
Okay so hear me out...there is this guy I used to like and he found out I liked him and he said “sorry i only like you as a friend” okay whatever but now I feel like he actually likes me and I don’t really like him but he’s really cute but I like somebody else...well anyway he’s confusing cause one day he’ll talk to me a lot one day he’ll talk to me once and other days he ignores my existence...we go to the same school (we have 4 classes together) and we go to the same church and are in the same youth group. He talks to me a lot at church but barley at school and I feel like he’s embarrassed of me because I’m not popular but he is super popular. I was just texting him now and we were just talking then all the sudden my messages don’t get delivered (the thing that says delivered under your texts) and I texted my friend something random to see if it said delivered AND IT DID!! And then my text just turned green so I think he blocked me...jerk
399 days ago
Hi, so I like this guy names Chris. He’s two years older than me. He thinks I’m cute and knows that I like him. Apparently he flirts with like every girl he runs into. I try to get him out of my life because he somehow enters my every thought. Then he talks to me a little bit, then ignores me later on. It’s just a never ending cycle. We both know that none of the girls in his grade like him now. I just melt when I see him, but he probably doesn’t feel the same. He’s started talking to me again, and I don’t know what to feel. He said that he MIGHT date me “once we both reach at least 18”. I don’t know what to do, but he’s always somehow going to reach my thoughts.
401 days ago
what in the actual heck?? Do u seriously like that kind of guy? The one who cares only about a girl's body? A pervert? Seriously? I mean, even though he worried about your lack of sleep, any guy who's like that is an absolute NO. In my opinion and logic anyway...
415 days ago
I like these kind of quizes
463 days ago
There's this guy in my math class he brags about having🐤with other girls and how he did it with his female best friend also (I'm friends with her...). Me and him sit near each other and have been friends for around 6 years now. I have two best friends (Q and S), S had a crush on him at the very beginning of when we all started to get to know each other ( so I was kind of a cupid for her, she now has a different boyfriend and is whipped so haha), meanwhile, Q actually used to date him ( only for like 2 days and she said it wasn't serious, she broke up with him cause they decided they didn't go well together). Anyway, back to the guy: recently we've been talking a lot more outside of class and in class, he teases me cause I'm shorter than him all the time which does annoy me lol. 2 years ago he had ranked me as 4th 'hottest' girl on Instagram in our year, using my nickname instead of my proper name : sidenote, nobody, even my best friends call me by my nickname :/ (which is high tbh, not to toot my own horn). This is just one of the things that happened a while ago but I didn't really care for it. A few weeks ago, i was sitting in math. I was wearing a skirt and had my legs crossed as I listened to my teacher talk about graphs and stuff. I doing my work when I felt something hit me. A pen. Then an eraser. And another pen. I clearly got annoyed at looked at the dude who was throwing stationary at me. He then pretended to throw it at me after I gave the stuff back to him because I kept flinching (and apparently that's funny). He then stopped after the teacher gave him a warning to stop messing about. Around 5mins pass and I feel someone staring at me. The guy (who has the synonymous name of 'hottest guy in the year because he has abs'???). Anyway, I looked down at my notes and up at him...dun dun dunnnnn the dude was blatantly staring at me (we sit kind of diagonally from each other but he faces me most of the time so he has a clear Target to throw things at, or pretend to)...not only at my face, but lower down....yup. I asked him what was wrong, looking down at my bag as that's where I thought he was looking because I was that clueless. He shook his head and turned back to the teacher. Seconds later, he's staring again and I ask him what his problem is, to which he replies 'i can see a lot from here' 🥺😬😳 Little me over here is quaking in her school shoes as she processes the information, pulling her skirt down so nothing is exposed, to which he adds 'dont worry, that's not a problem to me, I'm alright with that' LIKE WHAT THE-

Apparently, the teacher was annoyed by his constant talking and the fact he was staring under my skirt and not at his notebook, so he told the dude to stand outside because he was 'distracting everyone's learning'. As the dude passes me, he leans down with a clear smirk and tells me 'that was your fault'. Quaking again, I watch as he leaves the room and continues to stare at me (still smirking). He then begins to copy my expressions as I'm telling him to turn around or go away, but he's still mouthing and copying me. I turn away and continue to do my work even though it's hard to concentrate when I've just experienced a hellishly embarrassing situation.

Then, (yes, not done) the teacher invites him back in and he's still staring at me but not talking, we get our exam papers back and im frustrated because the first one went terribly but I did so much better on the second one. I'm standing up and looking through the questions as we're packing away I feel someone really close to me, I slam the paper closed and look up. The dude looms over me and tells me not to worry about it and that he didn't do well on the exam either, meanwhile I'm here like 😳. That day he'd also started going off on me because I said I'm tired (I wasn't even talking to him), he was like 'GET PROPER SLEEP!! You need at least 7 hours of sleep...' blah blah blah...

In chemistry class, he sits really far from me. One day we were playing a stupid game in which you can steal money from others by killing them. Someone on his team killed me and he got really angry at the girl and started telling her so the whole class could hear and was clearly mad, 'what did (my name) ever to to you, huh?'

When he killed my friend, a girl on my team he was super happy as he was killed by her previously (on my orders but he doesn't need to know that haha).

My best friend Q, who dated him said it wasn't an actual relationship and that she doesn't care if he likes me or if I date him because she likes someone else. I said that i'd feel uncomfortable because I love my best friends too much to do that. She said that my happiness is important and they all know what's best for me, and that I know if I should do it or not.

What do you guys think??