Are you a player?

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  • 1
    If someone invites you to their house and you said ok . And they took you to their bedroom for . You know, would you do it or not?
  • 2
    If you are alone with some one should you ...
  • 3
    If someone kisses you would you...

  • 4
    If someone touches certain parts would you...
  • 5
    You slip and get caught in his arms you would
  • 6
    If you accidentally go to his room and take your clothes off and forget to use protection you would...

  • 7
    If you go to a party with your boyfriend and kiss a guy that looks just like him you would...
  • 8
    If you go be a stri**r and a guy kidnaps you you would..
  • 9
    If your boyfriend gets you protection and you take it you would
  • 10
    Do you think you’re a player?

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322 days ago
ive dated multiple people I had no feelings for i think im antiromantic or just a player
558 days ago
Are you a player?
You did good. You aren’t a player you take the honest path. Keep that up and you’ll boyfriend will hopefully give you a good life
1312 days ago
This is a good way to no about yourself...😁😀😁😁😎👍👍👍👍