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How much do you stalk your crush?


Am I a Stalker to My Crush? Quiz


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896 days ago
They should have a quiz about if it being stalked by some1 who likes you. 1 of my close friends, let's just call him Tall Boy, had a crush on me and at times stalked me. I was ready 2 strangle the person who told me!!! I was furious!
1437 days ago
Don’t do it. I got the email address of the girl I like (supposedly, anyway) from some guy who calls himself The Seeker. Ever since, I’ve been tempted to send her an email or something. It’s just a mess. Believe me. I haven’t stalked her, but once someone finds out you like someone, you get some weirdo who claims to have the email address of the person you love.
1544 days ago
I don't stalk him because i can't he is an anime character and yes i have pictures of l lalwliet .
1601 days ago
What about other people stalking u? Do they like me or......?