Are You Stalking Your Crush
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Are You Stalking Your Crush

Sure, everyone secretly wants to know where their crush is 24/7. But are you within normal limits? Or going off the deep end? Take this quiz to find out.

Question 1:On a scale on 1 to 10. 1 being lowest and 10 being highest, how much do you like your crush?
2, (s)he's not that great
8, I really like him/her
4-6, (s)he's not the one, but still ok
10, what kinda question is this?!

Question 2:Out of these 4 scenarios which seems most appealing to you?
Get their basic info: phone number, address, email address, family tree, family names
Staring at your crush, and when they look your way you turn around and blush
Memorizing their schedule and meeting the at their locker, just to say hi
Get their phone number from a friend and call them, just to say you had the wrong number

Question 3:Scenario: You're shopping at the mall for new clothes. As you pass a shop with all black clothes in the window what goes threw your mind?
*Sly look* Heh, perfect..........
Does "crushes name" like black?
Hmm.....a new style
I wonder if "crushes name" would think I'd look good I this?

Question 4:What's your opinion of purse sized binoculars?
OoOoO that would work comment
Umm.....maybe its a gift
Why would someone want them?

Question 5:Ok, so what was your crush wearing last time you say them? *Scenario answers*
I don't know, I never really pay attention!
I know that (s)he was wearing that black visor and a chain necklace
Uh, I think it was a blue shirt.......wait no......maybe it was green
That's easy: black visor, silver chain, white shirt, size 7.5 shoes, and shaded jeans

Question 6:Do you know all of his/her friends?
Yes! Of course, I've memorized all of their schedules to
Umm no but if they were in my class I would!
Most, but only the ones I've been friends with
No not really

Question 7:Is it normal to say hi to him every waking moment you see your crush?
Umm.....not every waking moment
By the code of the Stalker Society: Yes!
Probably not

Question 8:When the last time your crush has changed there appearance? *Scenario Answers*
How would I know?
About a couple weeks ago, I think
I don't pay attention to those kinda things
One week ,three hours, 45 minutes, and 13 seconds ago (s)he cut their hair an inch shorter

Question 9:Have you memorized your crushes whole schedule and all the class assignments they get?
And the grades they get on them
Of course, that's normal isn't it?
No need I'm in their class
I'm to busy with my own

Question 10:When you talk on the phone is the only thing you can talk about is him/her and what (she does every day?
Duh, that's what friends are for
Only if there's nothing else to talk about
Why waste my time on something like that?
Not the whole time

This Quiz has been designed by Amber.