Are you in love or are you a stalker?
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Are you in love or are you a stalker?

Hope you can tell the difference between the two.

Question 1:You start to like a guy and you...
follow him around school for the next few months
ask your friends to tell you everything they know about him
call his house and ask his mother to give you all the dirt
kiss the ground he walks on
talk to him, and get to know him.

Question 2:You are dared to kiss the guy you like and you...
calmly say that it is a childish game but still do it anyway
FREAK OUT totally I mean you have been following this guy around for months and now you finnaly get to touch him
wonder if you should take of his clothes while you are making out

Question 3:You find out that the guy you likes locker is right next to yours so you...
talk to him inbetween classes
lick his locker to see if you can taste what he is like
put pictures of you naked in his locker once you hack into the schools computers of course and find out all his classes and his locker combination

Question 4:Your crush just transferred from a differend english class to yours so you...
giggle with your friends and try to get him to sit next to you
when he sits down you go sit on his lap
stand up on your desk and scream at the top of your lungs cuz now you are in all of his classes

Question 5:You find out that the guy you love is your cousin so you...
go over to his house and lay in his bed naked, cause your aunt will surely let you in their house
decide that you dont like him anymore and dont mention anything about him to your friends
drug him and then sleep with him, hopeigh that when he wakes up he will think that incest is best also

Question 6:The guy you like comes over to your house Halloween Night Trick or treating so you...
give him the candy, along with a smile and a cute costume remark
freak out and rip off all his clothes right there
ask him to come see all the pictures you have of him on your wall

Question 7:You just found out that your crush cant dance so you...
tell him that the only way to learn how to dance is to get your freak on and why not with you
say well that is ok we can just skip the dance and go straight to the screwing
try to teach him how to dance

Question 8:You are asked out by the guy you like and your response is...
yeah i guess we could

Question 9:Your best friend likes the guy youve been crushing on so you...
tell her you have been the one stealing his chewed gum since the 2nd grade not her, you diserve to get him
tell her you like him to so maybe shell get the hint
tell her to f**k off and get her own man

Question 10:Your crush died and you go to his funeral, before everyone else, what do you do?
pay your respectes
sit in the front row so you can get a good view of him, because after all he was yours you should get the best seat
open the casket and get a quick bang up job before the rest of the people arrive

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