Boyfriend or Jerk?
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Boyfriend or Jerk?

Ever thought he was a major jerk with all that he does? Well now you can find out with this quiz.

Question 1:Does he ever open the door for you?
All the time! No matter what!
Well he does but not always
He never has!

Question 2:Does he want to kiss you or has he?
He does all the time
He wants to but knows we're too young
He refuses to kiss me
I don't know if he wants to or not

Question 3:Does your boyfriend hug you?
All the time
He has before but not often at all
Nope he won't even touch me

Question 4:Does he care about you?
Yeah he tells me he does all the time
Well it seems like he does
Nope he's a jerk
I have no clue

Question 5:How often does he hang out with you?
As much as he can
Well he only does like once during the school day
He comes to my house sometimes
we hardly ever see each other

Question 6:How often does he call you?
Couple times a week
Very rarely but he has
He's called me once
Never has

Question 7:Does he really like you?
Yeah you can tell by the way he looks at me
No he just wanted a girlfriend and he's using me
He says he does
He's never told me so I don't really know

Question 8:If you both are in the same lunch at school, does he sit with you?
Yeah everyday
He has before but not anymore
No he never has and probably never will

Question 9:Does he/has he ever danced with you and enjoyed it
yeah he loves to dance with me
He has danced with me but I don't know if he enjoyed it or not
No he hates dancing
He refuses to dance with me but he's danced with other girls

Question 10:Has he gotten you a birthday/any holiday present?
Yeah he gets me a lot of expensive stuff
Yeah he makes them by himself
no never has
No holidays have rolled around yet but I hope he will
He enjoys buying me stuff even though they aren't expensive

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