Does he treat you right?
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Does he treat you right?

How does your boyfriend treat you? Is it as much TLC as you deserve?

Question 1:What was the first thing he said to you?
hey. what's your name?
he didn't say anything at first.. I think he was shy
not sure... we started a conversation when we first met

Question 2:What was your first impression of him?
he seems nice, and I think we click
he has a lot of the qualities I look for in a 'perfect guy'
he's all right
he's hot- I bet he thinks I'm hot too

Question 3:Where'd you go on your first date?
he let me chose
he had this great place in mind, and it was a lot of fun
first date? I don't think we had an official 'first date'
we hung out with friends

Question 4:When did he introduce you to his parents?
I still haven't met them... isn't that normal?
after a few weeks, and when he introduced us he seemed so proud
after a month or so of dating
haven't met them, but don't really care

Question 5:When you're upset, what's his reaction?
I'm never upset... but if I am pissed, he doesn't really care
asks repeatedly what's wrong, and then takes it personally if you don't tell him
he doesn't really notice, and that just makes me more pissed
he asks once or twice what's wrong, and then drops it

Question 6:How does he talk about you to his friends?
he tells them what I've been up to, summarizes recent dates, etc
he tells them how I've been and they all make fun of him for the 'dreamy look in his eye' and they all say he's pussy-whipped
not all that well, if at all... that kinda bothers me
he doesn't.... or he calls me mean names.

Question 7:has he ever gotten you little gifts for no reason?
nope.... I never realized he was supposed to
once or twice
no, but who cares? I don't get him any little gifts.
all the time

Question 8:What about him bothers you the most?
quite a few things, but I overlook them
little things here and there
nothing.. he's perfect

Question 9:Does he keep promises?
most always
not really
he's stopped making promises at all

Question 10:How does a normal phone conversation go?
hey.... what are you doing?.... cool.... hey, I'll talk to you later, ok?
he calls me (always) and asks how I am, how my day went, etc... he's always attentive and interested... sometimes asks me out that night... says 'I love you' with his goodbye, as well as a promise to call tomorrow
we talk for a little while about our day... sometimes he gets distracted by things in the background and sometimes there are little pauses
we both talk for a little while before losing interest and hanging up

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