Is your crush REALLY your crush?
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Is your crush REALLY your crush?

Question 1:   Do you get warm inside when you see him/her?
Well... sometimes
Only when the airco isn't working...
No... why?
Nah... I always get cold....

Question 2:   When he/she makes a joke, do you laugh?
Yes... only when it's really, really funny
Always, even if it's not funny
Uh... he/she doesn't know how to joke...
Maybe after I yawned...

Question 3:   Do you get nervous when he/she talks to you?
Hello? he/she should be nervous, not me!
Only if he's Orlando Bloom...
Almost all the time
Why should I?

Question 4:   What do you do when he/she makes eyecontact with you?
I blush and look away
I make funny faces... hey what's wrong with that!
I turn away instantly
I look back and give my sweetest smile
I roll my eyes heavenswards and mumble: Jerk...

Question 5:   What do you do when he/she is walking your way?
I just yell his/her name and then wave like a lunatic
Nothing, I just ignore him/her
I just walk away...
I just wait and then say hello and give a smile
HIDE! I have huge eyebags!

Question 6:   How do you feel when he/she just gave you a great smile?
Sick... and I turn green instantly
Very happy, my smile is just like this --->: D
BAD! Gosh... maybe he/she likes me!

Question 7:   How would you react is he/she asked your name and age?
I would roll my eyes and just tell my name
I would yawn and tell them what they want to know
I would return the question IMMEDIATELY!
Happy and just tell my name and my age, they are interested ;)
Angry! my name is a secret... and so is my age!

Question 8:   Do you think about him/her when you don't see each other for a while?
Yes, only when I'm bored though...
Yes, almost all the time
Nah... I'm not obsessed...
Uh... something like: never?

Question 9:   Did you ever dreamt about him/her?
Yes, we were at the Jerry Springer show... I had 2 other boy/girl friends...
Yes, we were a happy couple
Uh.. yes, I kind of killed him/her...
I don't dream about him/her... it's a nightmare when they appear!
Uh.. no...

Question 10:   Is he/she the most cutest thing in the world?
Almost the cutest in the world ;)
No... I am the most cutest, he's second...
Not at all... my teddy bear is

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