How Thug is your man?
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How Thug is your man?

A good heart. A thug life. Is your man too thug to change?

Question 1:   You are having an intimate talk and your man's cell phone rings, does he....
Look at the number and press ignore
Walk away and answer the call without excusing himself
Say excuse me and take the call
Ignore the call without checking it
Answer the call and lie about where he is

Question 2:   You are watching a movie together at home, does he...
Watch the entire movie with you
Get an urgent call and leave to take care of business 1/2 hr in
Take phone calls every 10 minutes from one of his boys
Compare the movie to Scarface
Suggest watching a Friends re-run before the movie

Question 3:   Does your man refer to his friends as...
His boys
His homies
His crew
the fellas

Question 4:   Your man's hobbies include...
x-box, chess, dungeons and dragons
football, basketball, softball
chillin, washing his truck, music
bones, forties, sleeping
you, baby, what's crack-a-lackin'?

Question 5:   Your man is always taking care of mysterious business, your instincts tell you he is...
Cheating on you
Washing his underwear
Volunteering as a big brother
In the studio

Question 6:   Your man's eyes light up when...
someone says money and you walk in the room
someone says money
you walk in the room
you pass Mcdonald's
Another hot woman walks in the room

Question 7:   Your man grew up in...
Boise, Idaho ( a good sized city)
Johnstown, Pennsylvania (a rural town)
Inglewood, California (the inner-city)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (a big city)
? He won't say

Question 8:   Your man's nickname is...
Big Hemp

Question 9:   Your man's dad is.....
always mowing the lawn
in the pen
sick of him
his best friend

Question 10:   One of your man's friends is in trouble, does he...
call 911
Run out the door with at least 8 other friends
Take another good friend and go help
Whisper heatedly and rush out in a group without a goodbye
Tell him he's busy

Question 11:   Your man's clothes are...
Too small
all brand name and new looking
never on
always covered with a big, bulky jacket

Question 12:   Your man's favorite CD is by...
Ann Murray

Question 13:   Your man's vehicle is...
a Volkswagen Beetle
big, clean and shiny
big, clean and old

Question 14:   Your man's dog is...
a rottweiler
a terrier
...he's a cat man
a pit bull
a pit bull that breeds for cash

Question 15:   Your man's job is...
promoting and/or producing music
stay-at-home dad
forest ranger

Question 16:   Your man has lied to you...
once or twice
a million+ times
about the strip club
about getting someone else pregnant

Question 17:   You tell your man you need a break. The next time you see him he...
nods and says what's up
makes a scene
keeps his eye on you throughout the night
is pre-occupied with mysterious business

Question 18:   Your man's heart is...
His momma
his pet turtle
his car
the hustle

Question 19:   Your man has $5000.00, he spends it on...
tv's in his vehicle
credit card bills
jewelry--for him
a vacation for the two of you

Question 20:   Around his neck, your man wears...
a shell necklace
a large platinum cross
a pink scarf
the newest technology known to man
a vial of billy bob's blood

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