How Much Does My Mate Trust Me? Quiz

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Trust is one of the most important parts of any relationship. Without trust, no relationship can survive for very long. So how much does your mate trust you?

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    You get stuck in a traffic jam that makes you 2 hours late for a date with your mate. Your cell phone is dead and you have no way of letting your mate know you are late. When you finally get to the place where you are meeting your mate says.
  • 2
    You got a new friend named Pat who is the same gender as you. The first time you mention that you and Pat had lunch together today. Your mate says:
  • 3
    You have trouble remembering your ATM PIN number so you write it down as a phone number (ex. 555-1234). Your mate finds the phone number. Your mate:

  • 4
    Question 4: You come down with a severe case of the flu and can’t even make it to the phone to let your mate know you are sick. Your mate:
  • 5
    You are invited to a family wedding out of state. Your invitation clearly says “and guest”, yet for economic reasons you decide to go alone. Your mate expected to be invited. Your mate:
  • 6
    You accidentally call your mate the name of your ex. Your mate:

  • 7
    Your parents invite you and your mate over for dinner. Over dinner, they not so subtly ask when you and your mate are going to take the next step in your relationship. Your mate:
  • 8
    You are hopeless at keeping track of your money. No matter you what you try you are always overdrawing your checking account, and are constantly broke. After the third time you ask to borrow money from you mate, your mate says:
  • 9
    Your grandparents are always butting into your life and trying to tell you what to do. You have the best way to deal with them is to not tell them any thing. When you and your mate run into your grandparents at the mall your mate finds out that your grandparents did not realize you were dating anyone. Your mate:
  • 10
    You ask your mate to take this quiz. Your mate:

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