Is He REALLY Interested In Me? Quiz

You catch him looking at you...then he looks away. And it seems like lately, he's ALWAYS around. Coincidence - or does this guy like you? If you're wondering, "Is he REALLY interested in me?" (and no one could blame you if you are) here's the best way to find out!

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147 days ago
This is so funny I put in no for like half of these and it is like he is totally into you why do I not I believe that.
195 days ago
i love him he makes me want to puke
249 days ago
HE totally like me, a couple of times he sat next to me, called me pretty, and cute, said im nice... to his twin sister who is one of my best friends... BUT IM SO FREAKIN SHY I CANT SHOW HIM I LIKE HIM!!! AVICE PLZZZZZ
404 days ago
ah lol
482 days ago
482 days ago
yeah he definitely likes me but he’s too shy to ask and i have to see him every day and it will make things awkward if he says no xx
485 days ago
He no like me back 😭😭😭
525 days ago
*And oops i have spelling mistakes 😅
525 days ago
And once he lied when my freinds asked who heis crush is.. i was heartbroken that day and after few days one of my classmates told me that girl he said he had a crush on isn't really his crush its someone else..i think its me but its not 100% sure
525 days ago
Maybe he thinks i woukd never like him and he maybe shy!? Definitely no he isn't shy! And he knows i like him my freinds secertly told him that i like him, and yeah he was fine with it and thats when he started acting strange he once flirted with me! He isn't shy he just hiding wether he likes me or not..
546 days ago
It says he likes me but I don’t think he does because he always looks at my best friend and talks to Her all the time 😭. And he walks with her and teases her. I’m trying to move on from him it’s so hard!
552 days ago
I got 'He most likely does, but he seems shy!' He DOES look at me a lot, sooooooo
555 days ago
So my crush keeps looking at me from across the room. And when we where in assembly he kept mirroring me and staring at me. When he talks to other people or groups he keeps glancing at me and the the person he talks to. We don’t have numbers but When I was flirting with someone else he came over and talked to my group and stayed their for the whole period, please comment advice 😉😊
555 days ago
That is the same as my crush and he kept looking at me in assembly from across the room he definitely likes you ✌️And if he raises his eyebrows when he stares at you then you can be sure he likes you
557 days ago
so theres this guy whos a year older, he says he likes someone in my grade in front of me to his friend. then he always stares at me and jokes when i mess up in gym. my friends all ship us but i still dont know. also we talk almost everyday but we dont have numbers...
564 days ago
This guy moved here last year ( grade 5 ) and now it’s grade 6 and I still like him and I think he likes me back. I walk home with his sister and him and I always catch him glancing or staring at me but he also sometimes looks at another girl. He is always laughing around me. And when I talk to other guys he is always looking at me or he comes over to talk. He says he doesn’t have a crush but I think he likes me PLEASE HELP I NEED ADVICE ✌️
574 days ago
please these are all happy and then here’s mine: I met him in fifth grade and he was like a popular kid (only hung out with the popular kids) he’s messaging me rn lol but later in the year our desk were moved next to each other and we became rlly good friends soon enough our friendship died down after COVID.. I’m now in sixth grade and he’s talking to me a lot like I’m his girl bsf I rlly think he likes me but when I asked also my friend asked he said “No.” or “No” and started talking abt the topic we were on I rlly need advice.. it’s almost seventh grade and my friend spoiled it that I have a crush on him help me ppl
593 days ago
@Breonnia- This is late so sorry for that- say yes and give him your number, and text often- if shes really your friend, she knows that he likes you(dont try it but ask ur friend to ask him who he likes-dont try it at all)- Love Adivce.Com
593 days ago
@Bobatea- HE LIKES YOU DUH!!! He always asks for you opinions because he probably wants to share your interests, hes fidgety because hes nervous around(in a good way), plus he stares at you!!! so the final answer is HE LIKES YOU SO IF BOTH OF U STILL HAVE FEELINGS FOR EACH OTHER GO FOR IT!!!!!!(In a couple years of course)
605 days ago
So in the fourth grade I had a crush on a guy, right now I am in the 6th grade and I still like him. So here is my story ,he was in my class in the begging of the school year he was already popular, a couple other girls like him, I thought for the first half of the school year that he was just some popular guy who only hangs out with other popular people. In the middle of the school year we become desk partners,just the two of us and the rest of the table were tables of four. So I started to hang out with him,turns out he was really funny and nice. We even had inside jokes with each other and we were getting pretty close .He even told me what happened whenever him and his best friend had an argument,I was like the only one to be able to make him laugh when he was mad. And whenever he would be with more of his friends including boys and girls he didn’t act the same with them than with me. After the 4th grade we were in different classes so we just stopped talking. Some times if we passed each other like if I was holding the door he would either hesitate and say nothing or hesitate and say thank you. We are both in the 6th grade online and In couple months I will be going back to school and I think we are still in the same school, I still have feeling for him but I don’t know if he likes me. What should I do when I go back to school?