Who Will My Boyfriend Be?

This test will identify what kind of boy you will most likely date, as well as the most likely possibilities for his name. Obviously this is just for fun, but what harm could there be in trying it? And who knows? Maybe it will be accurate for you! I hope you enjoy my quiz and like your result!

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    Which kind of boy do you like most out of these?
    Which kind of boy do you like most out of these?

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659 days ago
I like Alex it is a cute name❤️
659 days ago
How do we know what our boyfriend is ???
659 days ago
I just broke up with my boyfriend yesterday😔 so I a new one today 😁
662 days ago
My friend's brother's friend (sorry that's confusing!) has a crush on me. :( My friend keeps teasing me about us being bf-gf, but the funny thing is . . . i don't even like him! She likes someone in her class i know, yet she won't admit it. :) and :(
663 days ago
Can't wait for this
667 days ago
it said some one in my class and their ugly!!!
711 days ago
Omg he just asked me out I love this
724 days ago
Omg I actually got my crushhhhh
730 days ago
Omg this is EPIC!!! I actually got my crush!!
739 days ago
Stupid! It's not true. I'm fiery not my boyfreind! X(
739 days ago
I did get my crush...he confessed to me first thou. his name is Manash and he was shy at first...but he treats me like queen. :)
739 days ago
Omg I just asked my crush if he wanted to be my boyfriend
739 days ago
Omg I actually got my really crush he is so cute
750 days ago
I actually got my crushes name Haha blushing so hardd👉👈😊
818 days ago
i love my boyfriend Joshua and Joshua girlfriend is me and Joshua love me too
831 days ago
I want have a perfect boyfriend😍😍
842 days ago
I have all of the eye colors even yellow!!!!
848 days ago
I wish I got my actual crush in real life Hunter
856 days ago
My ex crush is named Christian HAHAHHA
863 days ago
I dont have a crush but lol i got the best nerd XD