Who Will My Boyfriend Be?

This test will identify what kind of boy you will most likely date, as well as the most likely possibilities for his name. Obviously this is just for fun, but what harm could there be in trying it? And who knows? Maybe it will be accurate for you! I hope you enjoy my quiz and like your result!

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    Which kind of boy do you like most out of these?
    Which kind of boy do you like most out of these?

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883 days ago
Kade or nico? Both adorable! Also the description of mine sounds alot like me it says he will love you and be loyal but dont get on his bad side because he can be mean definitely sounds like me hopefully its true ❤
893 days ago
Alex I love ❤️ it
935 days ago
cian is cute
987 days ago
Hi guys, just wanted to say that you shouldn't get your hopes up cause the system said I was going to date someone called Ben! I did in the end but he broke up with me cause he thought I was still in a relationship with this guy I was dating before. This may sound weird but once u take the test most guys will come to you. Happen to me, my sister and my cousins so don't get to exited.
1089 days ago
Omg they guessed my crush
1090 days ago
I want a romantic and dating boyfriend
1090 days ago
My crush name is mahlik but it didn't show up on the screen
1100 days ago
I’m already dating someone (let’s hope it lasts) and he’s great his name Is Shaye, so it did not guess his name but it was pretty good quiz
1143 days ago
Uhm hahaha I had two
1172 days ago
i didnt work for me i hav alredy fought with mine on sunday
1182 days ago
Omg I have my crush his name is mark and I got mark she so cute and when I was in school he asked me did he want to go to his house and play games ❤❤❤❤
1196 days ago
I'm already dating my dream guy, wanted to see how well these things work, it didn't at all. I got a 27, but it's was all wrong. My bf is cute and funny type wise, and his name's Ivan. My friends use theese things, so now I get to prove em all wrong.
1212 days ago
My crushes name is Sam omg
1216 days ago
OMG! they guessed who my crush is!!!!!!!!!
1220 days ago
omg My boyfriend is called leo😂
1222 days ago
My crush’s name is Dane but it didn’t get his name
1229 days ago
I got my crushes name but it was spelled differently but it still counts.=). I feel great cuz we r in an weird position rn but Ik we r getting better. ;)=)
1245 days ago
My crush’s name is Angel, but I didn’t get his name😞
1260 days ago
My boy avery single Day go To his friends home but with a random girl and i saw him taking her cloth off and have fun that sad😥:prank))im a kid anyway i prankid you hahaha😜
1266 days ago
I have 2 crushes one is Darrgh and one is Mark I don't know who to pick later you choose ❤❤♦️😊😊