Is My Boyfriend Still Into Me? The Love Quiz

Recently, I've been noticing my boyfriend acting rather strangely (more so than usual, lol). He just doesn't seem to be as excited about me as he was before. If you can relate, you might wonder, is it time to ditch him? Or should I stay with him? Take this quiz and find out now!

  • 1
    First of all, how long have you two been dating?
  • 2
    Do you ever see him flirting with other girls?
    Do you ever see him flirting with other girls?
  • 3
    When you guys talk, who normally starts the conversation?

  • 4
    Do you think he's still interested in you?
  • 5
    Does he ever call you?
  • 6
    Similar to the previous question, I know - does he ever text you?

  • 7
    If you either text or call him, how long does it usually take before he answers?
  • 8
    Almost done! Does he ever kiss, hug or make any other physical contact with you?
  • 9
    Does he ever compliment you?
  • 10
    Just a few more questions! Does he ever tell you he loves you?

  • 11
    Do his friends like you?
  • 12
    Does he tell people he's with you, that he's proud to be with you, or does he hide it?
  • 13
    Last question, and a EXTREMELY important one: Does he ever ignore you?

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87 days ago
I'm also insecure coz he's far n l love him deeply .. l don't wish to loose him
490 days ago
I'm just an insecure 💝
He's great
791 days ago
@Eva.Bruh.just leave him...he doesn't care about you,he'll just dumb you,ik its gonna be hard,but you have to,trust me,it hurts a little bit less then dumping.He's clearly interested in your bsf,and lost interest in you.hes just tryna use you,and then dumb you.i recommend you to leave him,but still be friends with your bsf,cz its not her fault.
801 days ago
i had to take this quiz,like HAD TO.Two days ago,I LITERALLY SAW HIM CONFESSING TO ONE OF MY BESTFRIENDS...I got the result "He is into me" but how i answered it,was how our relationship was in the past...When my friend asked "Um...don't u have a girlfriend?" he said "yea,i do.I don't know 'bout her anymore...gonna break up?or dump her?i dunno"But the day after that,i asked him "Babe,Do you still like me?Are you interested in my bsf?" And he totally gasped and said "WHAT!?OFC I'M STILL INTO YOU.WHY WOULD I LIKE YOUR BSF???" is he doing all this **** to make me trust him again,so he can dump me?or WHATTTT???I NEED TO KNOW THE ANSWER A S A P....Should i break up with him?Should i not?should i spy on him and my bsf?oh bsf...rejected him,and said 'Don't you dare dump her or break up with her.SHE LOVES YOU,CANT YOU GET THAT **** INSIDE YOUR DUMB*** HEAD ALREADY!?" And he...just............................... ........................................ ........................................ ..................kissed her on the lips.................................... ........................................ ........................................ ....................My bsf pushed him and ran off,she hasn't told me yet,cz i think she thinks i dont know bout what happened...when...i do....she doesnt want me hurt i guess???GUYS PLEASE HELP ME...

guys....please help...honestly...any of your guy's opinions can help....pls...i need helppp----plsssssssssssssssss
866 days ago
I really don't know what to do anymore. The quiz result said he's embarrassed to be with me and doesn't love me. And then I tied with "he kinda likes you" which is conflicting. But i believe the worse result is more true. I'm feel like i'm not worth anything to anyone and I never will be. I don't know what I'm doing wrong for no one to like me, please help.
915 days ago
I really got to know him at the start of Covid but before then i already thought that he liked me even although i liked another guy. we texted more and more often and after a while he even helped me with my crush. but it didn't go very well. we talked more and more until eventually i found myself looking forward to his texts. eventually i told him that i liked him and he told me that he felt the same. since we are 15 and christians we believed that we should wait until we were older to date and if we still felt the same way then maybe when we eventually dated we might end up married. so we stayed the way we were not telling anyone except our closest friends. he told me that if he told his friends then he would never hear the end of it. i was fine with it. i only saw him twice a week and we texted almost everyday into the night. we could tell each other anything. but then he started to grow distant. we were soon texting less the three times a week for only short periods of time. now i don't know, is he to polite to tell me if he doesn't like me? i would hate to be annoying him. he still sometimes starts the convo but it's always short and feels like i'm the one trying to keep it going. when we see each other it's alomst like we don't even text each other, he's just another one of my guy friends. idk what to do :(. does he still like me?
993 days ago
Asap asap asap asap
995 days ago
So we have only been dating for a little while but things are changing. We started off as a friend's with benefits situation then he said he fell for me and wants to get to know me more so we started talking and now we're dating but he seems distant. He used to answer my texts right away and then it slowly progressed to not answering for hours at a time and we set up times to do video calls so we can chat but tonight we were.gonna use zoom then five minutes after we said we'd use zoom he changed it to snapchat and then like 2 minutes after that he said he couldn't call and said he had to help a family member in the morning. I am afraid he fell out of love with me
1052 days ago
It said my anwser was unclear It gave me 2 anwsers dup hi and he kinda likes me😰
1052 days ago
Ok so we used to talk a lot and he’d compliment me all the time and text me all the time and stuff like that but now he never texts me first and he’s been so distant then I found out he’s become best friends with my best friend and he took a ss of her when she fell asleep on ft with him😭 I don’t think he likes me anymore he’s doing stuff with her he never did with me but he says he doesn’t like her idk but I just need help I’m pretty sure I just need someone to confirm it for me
1096 days ago
So like we were so close one second and now it takes him a long time to answer my text messages which makes me think he’s talking to other girls🤦🏽‍♀️
1106 days ago
“:(:” I think that you should just talk to him and everything that I just put here try to tell him all that and if he really does like u then he’ll understand and try to do anything to stay with you. But just known if he doesn’t it’s ok your beautiful, and amazing person. In fact, all of everyone on here is and you don’t need a man to complete u. Yeah u might love him and it might hurt like hell to lose him but there is light at the end of the tunnel so keep that in mind. Also if he doesn’t make time to even text back then maybe all this really isn’t worth it. And I know CORONA MADE EVERYTHING WORSE FOR SCHOOL RELATIONSHIPS BELIEVE I KNOW. but like I said there is always light at the end.
1110 days ago
So me and my boyfriend have been dating for about 2 1/2 months now and before corona we would talk at school and really bond but ever since corona hit hes been distant. I feel like im the only one putting effort into the relationship cause I always do stuff for him but I get very little in return. Don't get me wrong I am totally grateful but I always text him first too and I tend to overthink stuff so please someone help me just give me advise on what to do :(
1114 days ago
So my boyfriend and I started dating during quarantine so we can’t see each other. He has a Samsung so I can’t FaceTime him. He’s just been kinda distant and it’s only the beginning of our relationship. He says it’s cause he hasn’t done much so there’s not much to talk about. Do you think he still likes me?
1128 days ago
since we have been in quarantine we havent really talked cause i just got a new phone yesterday but i texted him yesterday and he still seemed pretty calm with me but he is like that to everyone help meeeeeeeee!!!!!!
1143 days ago
Hey guys so my boyfriend is not really texting me as much as he used to. I'm nervous he wants to break up with w/ me or something. I have already gotten my heart hurt once and I'm not excited to let it happen again. I dont really think he's into me anymore but I really really like him. We cant see each other becuz of quarantine but we chat and call occasionally. GUYS IDK WHAT TO DO HELP ME 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
1189 days ago
I need some advise I'm steadily being hurt cause idk if my man knows that I am afraid of losing him cause it's like Everytime I try to talk and see if I'm doing anything wrong and he says he good and I see if he wants to live with me and he gets responsive quick and I feel like I need someone to give me questions that would solve alot of issues I think it's because I moved and my staff is strict and I felt like he wants more and more each time we perfect when we together no issues when we apart in different locations its really hard cause I worry alot and Im praying that a miricale to bring my lover back out of harms way and into my arms instead
1192 days ago
Ok my boyfriend keeps ignoring me and says I'm to clingy I agree with that but he just never even looks at my messages we used to both be so clingy to each other but now he ignores me and says he wants to break up but we just cant I really love him and all my friends are telling me to dump him I really need advice otherwise I want to beat him up
1234 days ago
I need serious advice, my bf is ignoring me a lot, and i dont think he cares. I dont want to break up, my friends say i should. I really do love him, but i dont think he loves me. I really need advice.
1237 days ago
I have been dating this guy for just over 2 months and we literally just kissed. I feel like we'removing so slow or like he doesn't wanna do relationship things with me. I feel so insecure since he has all these girl friends who are so much better looking than me. He texts them very often sometimes ignoring me and Idk what to do :(