Your Perfect Match

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When you answer the questions designed with absolute prudence to ensure that the results would be faultless and precise, you will notice the meticulous research and ingenuity that has gone in the creating of this quiz.I would wish you Good Luck, but you don't need it.This quiz is exemplary, and flawless!(exsept for the ocazional speling errers)

  • 1
    If my mate is not funny he/she is not worth it!
  • 2
    My mate must be romantic!
  • 3
    My mate absolutely must be presentable!

  • 4
    My mate must love me to death (literally)
  • 5
    My mate must be sensitive to all!
  • 6
    My mates favorite color must be my favorite color!

  • 7
    My mate must be good looking and have abs!
  • 8
    My mate must be smart!
  • 9
    My mate must do his/her part for the war effort!
  • 10
    (and lastly) my mate had BETTER be a good parent

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540 days ago
I already confessed to the person before the test, and I'm happy I fell for her.
703 days ago
Uhm.....hi Brennan ❤️❤️❤️
772 days ago
So... that leaves two people as the perfect match for me...
893 days ago
Omg!! Me tooo!!! I know EXACTLY who this person is!! HOWWW!! I'm telling this person how I feel tomorrow, wish me luck!!!
938 days ago
Omg you got it right, I swear! I think I know who it is! How?! *Faints*
(Ps: Love the quiz!)