The Ultimate Girlfriend - Build your dream girl

Let's say you gained the power to morph someone into your perfect dream girl. What would she be like? Would she have the perfect supermodel body, a cleverness that's equally sexy, or a perfectly harmonic personality? Find out in this accurate and popular quiz.

  • 1
    You see your dream girl walking by. What feature do you immediately recognize?
    You see your dream girl walking by. What feature do you immediately recognize?
  • 2
    What color hair would your dream girl have?
  • 3
    If you wanted to tweak her appearance, what would you do?

  • 4
    You and your dream girl go on a date at no limit of expense. Where would you go?
  • 5
    After last night, she's in your debt, and has promised to do WHATEVER you want, no refusals. You:
  • 6
    You are now going to a party, and she is asking what clothes she should wear. You suggest:

  • 7
    Now, SHE wants to have sex with you, looking sexier than ever. You say:
  • 8
    How much would you want your dream girl to weigh?
  • 9
    One day, you see she's crying. Thinking quickly, what would you do to comfort her?
  • 10
    She thanks you for helping, and confesses she's lonely, and feels a gap in her life she suddenly realized was there. She said she wished for something exciting to happen. Hearing this:

  • 11
    Your dream girl wants to move in and live with you. Again, at no expense, you choose to live:
  • 12
    Your dream girl says that her idol is:
  • 13
    You tell your dream girl that her one flaw is:
  • 14
    Seeing that she's hurt by that comment, you take your complaint back and compliment her on her:
  • 15
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2 days ago
75 days ago
@shaillyn sotelo same! except im bi.
75 days ago
umm. igot🍦slave. shes not my slave.. i just like sex
100 days ago
I really like girls because they are so cute 🥰 and beautiful 😻 and hot and I haven’t told my parents about that I’m lesbian and I love to have a girlfriend and I’m 13 years old and there is no way I’m telling my parents about it
266 days ago
my name is adja, i come from afar..... ADALAKBA!!!!!
267 days ago
who will be my gf we will do sex
411 days ago
Hehe I’m a lesbian
423 days ago
omg same DaBoiRalez so 💋
460 days ago
I got 53 percent profile a
1106 days ago
It says 80 percent profile E, what the?
1179 days ago
Where are the pictures
1183 days ago
I took this cuz I bysexulal hehe bad spelling lol
1277 days ago
Scarry of my girlfriend amen?
1330 days ago

I'd love to be your girlfriend.
1391 days ago
I got 27 % in profile a,b and c 13%d and 7%e
1504 days ago
I chose everything wrong to see what would happen
1635 days ago
1682 days ago
@tony did she go to buy milk like my mom
1708 days ago
+A Girl No one actually cares or wants to know.