Is She Your Hottie?
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Is She Your Hottie?

Is she really yours? Find Out Here...

Question 1:Your girl calls you?
Tell your parents you aren't home
Make the conversation as short as possible because you busy
Talk to her and wait till she has to leave to hang up

Question 2:Your invited to a party where the girl you like is going to be...Do you...
Go there and do lots of flirting with her and lots of others
Go there and have a good time and enjoy the time with her
Go and sit by yourself because you feel you will never have her

Question 3:Your walking down the hall when your crush says you...
Pretend Like You Didn't Hear Her Because Your Embarrassed
Try To Stay Away Because You Aren't Sure If Girls Have Cooties Or Not
Say Hi Back and Ask Her How She Is

Question 4:What the best thing you like about you crush?

Question 5:Do you talk with your crush regularly?
We're Suppose to Talk?

Question 6:If the person was in trouble, would you help them?
Yes I would
Will I Get I Hurt In The Process?

Question 7:You've liked a girl for many months and you hear she likes you. Do you ...
Trying to find someone else
Hope she changes her mind because your scared of relationships
Ask her out

Question 8:Will this test tell you if she’s yours?
Yeah Right This Thing Is A Waste Of Time

Question 9:Will You Send This Test To Your Girl To See What She Gets?
I Could, But What Would It Do?
Yeah Right...Waste Of Time! She’s Blocked My E-mail Anyway..
Totally! Maybe She Will Get A Good Grade And Ask Me Out!

Question 10:Will You Ask Her Out Now?
Will She Say Yes??
Yes I Will!!!

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