What kind of man is your crush?
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What kind of man is your crush?

Is your crush a geek, a hunk or just ok? Find out here!

Question 1:   Does your crush have glasses?
Only for reading

Question 2:   What kind of clothes does he wear?
A tee shirt and jeans
designer brand
Whatever his mom picked out

Question 3:   Why are you attracted to him?
He is sooooo smart!
He is sooooo hot!
He is kinda hot and kinda smart

Question 4:   How many other girls are after him?
Most of them!
Just a few
I don't know, I think he scares other girls!

Question 5:   What do you talk about with him?
How much he likes his looks
We just talk about life and all its wonders
The book club

Question 6:   When your friends see him what do they think?
What a ugly geek!
He is soooooo HOT!
He's okay, he seems nice

Question 7:   You are talking to your crush when a pretty girl walks past him, what does he do?
Think about her for a bit and keep talking to you
Look at her thinking he will never have a chance
Follow her! She was only there to see him!

Question 8:   What does he care about most?
His grades
His hair
His friends and family

Question 9:   When he sees you staring at him what does he do?
Laugh he thinks its funny
Wink at you smile
Turns away

Question 10:   When you seem him in the hall what do you think?
He needs a makeover but he is nice
He is not ugly but not exactly hot either

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