What kind of man is he?

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An 18 question quiz that will tell you what kind of man he is. It's accurate if you answer honestly.

  • 1
    How does he take his coffee?
  • 2
    What does he do?
  • 3
    How many products does he use to get ready for the day?

  • 4
    How does he greet his buddies?
  • 5
    Princess Question #1: You have to work the weekend, but he is off. Does he bring you lunch?
  • 6
    Who does his yard work and home repairs?

  • 7
    Princess Question #2: It's cold outside and you have to leave. In the past, he has went out to start your car so that it is warm when you get in.
  • 8
    Scenario #1: A family member is in the hospital. How often does he visit?
  • 9
    How does he workout?
  • 10
    Princess Question #3: It has rained. In the past, he has given you a piggy back ride so you don't have to walk through the muck.

  • 11
    Does he text?
  • 12
    Scenario #2: A car is stranded on the side of the road. What does he do?
  • 13
    When he has pain, he:
  • 14
    On your birthday, he:
  • 15
    He does or has smoked:
  • 16
    Scenario #3: He loses to you in something he is trying to win. He then:

  • 17
    Scenario #4: You've cooked for the two of you, but it didn't turn out quite right. He then:
  • 18
    Has he ever hurt himself just to make you laugh?

Comments (15)


866 days ago
Wthhh people want to punch him.
1162 days ago
This is fake my friends. Same result no matter what.
1352 days ago
TBH I randomly changed all of the answers and they still say everyone wants to punch him 🤔
1405 days ago
This result is 101% accurate for me.
1415 days ago
Who's gonna punch who?! My man is perfect!
1536 days ago
This is so rigged! My boyfriend is a sweetheart and he genuinely likes me and cares about me!
1780 days ago
Yes ladies, I also got the result of "lazy man everyone wants to punch". This test is rigged.
1878 days ago
lol. this test is set to just give you that terrible answer. Who ever made it i dont know why in the world you would for every person who takes it. there are good men, real good, like too good to be true almost men in this world. I just learned this haha. Hes amazing. This test is crayyyy
1972 days ago
this is totally inaccurate.. actually is the best guy in the world
1994 days ago
Did EVERYBODY have a lazy guy everyone wants to punch?! Mine works very hard, actually.
2066 days ago
Mine was pretty accurate and its not just the test telling me to move on but others have been for years now! but the test did tell me something Ive been waiting for IM NOT HIS LEAGUE! Anyways I dont just liestin to test or people but the fact now its both maybe and he only does talk to me when he wants something so idk its hard I want to believe he loves me for me but when I dont have no money because I spent all my pay check keeping him happy he still treats me like shyt and says i need to toughen up like when I got a job? I also notice if a girl he thinks is fine he is quick calling them a gf or wife but me who helps the most and been there when no one else was and longer he still dont call me that and when I try to be serious at the same time joke to see what he says he always deni me as his gf and put me in that category
2272 days ago
lol this is inaccurate
2351 days ago
im not lazy you 🐬s
2410 days ago
Well Ann u came to the wrong place I did this for fun and it said my bf is lazy and has cheat days and everyone wants to punch him. When I put that he goes to the gym. He goes mon wed fri doesn't have cheat days and everyone loves him. My family likes him more than they like me lol
2430 days ago
Jst trying to know what kind of guy he is before it too late to turn back