Am I Being Abused?

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Are you a little uneasy about your relationship? Are you unsure if you're just being paranoid? Are you positive that you're being abused and are just looking to back up yourself? Here is the place to find out for sure.

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    My partner teases me in a hurtful way in private or in public.
    My partner teases me in a hurtful way in private or in public.

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52 days ago
What about when it's your parents? You have no way to leave and you are an adult?
54 days ago
71 days ago
I took this test because I suspected dynamics of emotional abuse are in my relationship. This test was geared more towards overt/physical abuse and while that’s prevalent and important to address, there are other types of abuse- emotional and verbal. Other than asking about jealousy, this test barely even touched those issues. I think it should be more all encompassing or at least specify that this is not for detecting emotional or verbal abuse. It let my boyfriend get off scot free.
143 days ago
I can't leave. i depend on her cuz I have disabilities. And if I do she'll threaten me to never come back. its my mom she's nice sometimes and that makes me stay... I say to myself that its just her tumor which makes me not want to leave. She's narcissistic in a way but I'm trapped and for those who say that I can leave i can't I have nobody to go to and nowhere to go im on a secluded farm
149 days ago
152 days ago
I actually took this quiz because of my mom. I'm too young to answer some questions(questions about the car and stuff like that)
,but this quiz was great! I tried running away last night:(
What did I ever do to my parents?!?! Bye! :0)
158 days ago
Ugh Sock I get that! Like can I have TWO FLIPPING SECONDS ALONE?!?!?
173 days ago
178 days ago
Guys just wanted to inform yall that i can coach you if you have mental problems i have many mental problems so i can be an online helper.
Tomorrow i will be going to Burleson Texas to take a Mental Illness/Disorder Test (MIT and MDT)
I will take a long test to see if we'll get paid for how bad my problems are my same mental coach but not my counselor. I wish you all good luck and no mental problems.
180 days ago
What Bean??
181 days ago
Why would we want to post this on SM? Smh.
192 days ago
197 days ago
Ik it sounds different coming from a kid but i hope yall are now ok
197 days ago
I feel VERY Bad for yall that get abused😢😢😢
Im not abused but i wanted to know what happens when you are abused
Sorry for the physical and mental pain
Ik i didnt have to come on i just wanted to say something😊 i hope yall feel better and dont make poor life choices😉🦊🦍🦅🦏🦌🦇🦈🦆
218 days ago
i'm 15 and i can't seem to get away from my parents. even when they aren't AROUND me i can still feel them and hear them idk how to explain it. i got diagnosed with depression when i was 8 and my parents just got mad at me instead of changing. i've tried to deny it for 15 years after looking at a bunch of professional and unprofessional websites and doing as many quizzes i can over a few months and years, i think ive decided that my parents are abusive. i don't want to admit it (and i'm honestly kind of embarrassed to admit it) but if i don't then it will do more harm than good. next year i'm going to get emancipated and live with my boyfriend. : ) thank you so much to whoever made this quiz. this just kind of put the nail in the casket for my decision. thank you so much.
221 days ago
i guess i don’t want to think it’s abuse between me and my mum, it gets physical and there’s often insults, which partly lead to me developing an ED and i’m often not allowed privacy online, she went through my notes and messages and all sorts. but, quite a bit of the time, things are good, and it’s better than it was, especially on the physical side, but i don’t know if i should forgive and forget. i can’t help but feel i’m being dramatic, because ik others go through much worse. am i making a fuss over nothing or am i justified.
324 days ago
It was so hard being abused. No body deserves it, and no one should believe they do. I know from experiance that that is hard to believe because the abuser makes you think it's true and it's all your fault. but it's not. you deserve way better. ❤
325 days ago
it kinda made me mad reading the questions because they were only directed at abusive boyfriends. like wow that’s very discouraging, you seriously want this to only be for about half the world?
367 days ago

Childline they always help or the police also don't be like me u don't deserve it please reply 5 people a day die by suicide cos the lesbian or gay in the UK don't be one of those people 😥😫
395 days ago
I've been abused my whole life. The one constant I thought I had, abandoned me. She is awful to me, calls me names, says I will get an abusive partner when I grow up, and she won't help me escape him/her. I know everyone will skip over this, but is there any way to get away from her, without ąlerting Social Services, or running away? Please, I beg of you, I am slowly losing grip on my life. I want to die, and I cut yesterday, after being clean a year. Someone please tell me how to stop this