Should we break up?

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I just want to help you find out if you’re in a good relationship Or not. Cause sometimes we don’t realize if it’s toxic or not. Then when we look back we’re like oh-

  • 1
    Do you love him (I know this is a weird question but bare with me)?
  • 2
    Are you in love with him? (There’s a difference between love and in love lol)?
  • 3
    Whenever you finish a conversation with him do you feel worse coming out of it then you did before you had it?

  • 4
    How do you think he would react if you broke up with him?
  • 5
    What does he do when he gets mad at you? (TW, question 4)?
  • 6
    Does he love you?

  • 7
    Has he ever scared you?
  • 8
    What does he get mad at you for?
  • 9
    Do you want to have a relationship with him?
  • 10
    Why did you take this test?

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817 days ago
*I meant that as in i dunno if there are other tests, i'm glad my friend is not getting beat
817 days ago
Wanna send this to my bff but his bf doesn't intimidate him like in the quiz, so dam it
872 days ago
iT sAID i JUsT fELl oUT oF loVE