Do You and Your Crush Make a Good Couple?
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Do You and Your Crush Make a Good Couple?

This Test was designed to see if you and your lover boy are perfect for eachother. Astonishing Results!

Question 1:Is Your crush around the same age as you?
Yes, We are less than a year apart.
Yes. He is only one year older.
Yes. He is only one year younger.
No, he is 2 or more years older than me.
No, he is 2 0r more years younger than me.

Question 2:How many times do you two talk each day?
He calls me every hour
We talk about 5 times a day.
We talk only once or twice Each day.
We only talk every couple of days
We rarely ever talk.

Question 3:Have You ever told your crush that you are crushin' on him?
Yes, I tell him every day
Yes, I remind him every once in a while.
Yes. I've told him once before.
No, I haven't told him yet, but I think he knows.
I will never tell him.

Question 4:Do you guys ever do anything outside of school?
Yes, We hang out together everyday.
Yes, we hang out on the weekends
Yes, after school every school day.
Once in a while we get together
Never accept for school.

Question 5:Does Your crush ever flirt with you when you talk?
Yes, He always flirts with me.
Yes, he sometimes flirts with me.
Yes, he rarely flirts with me.
No, he doesn't flirt with me but I think he wants to
No, he never flirts with me.

Question 6:Have you ever been on a date with him?
Yes, We go out every weekends.
Yes, We occasionally date.
Once in a while we get together.
We go out, but just as friends.
No. We don't see eachother outside school

Question 7:What do you base your guy on?
Sense of Humor

Question 8:Does your crush ever compliment you? If so, what does he say?
'I like you for who you are'
'You look nice'
'That's a cute haircut'
'Nice Butt!'
He never compliments me

Question 9:How many other guys have you gone out with that lasted more than 6 months?
4 or more

Question 10:What does his parents think of you
They think I'm a nice young lady and good for their son.
They think I am good for their son
They aren't sure about me yet.
They haven't met me yet
They think I am rude and have an attitude problem.

Question 11:What characteristic do you like best about Your loverboy?
his smile
his hair
his eyes
his face
his body

Question 12:How many people know about your feelings for this guy?
ALL of my friends!
My closest friends and family
Just my best friend
Just my parents
I haven't told anyone yet.

Question 13:What is the best thing that you two have in common with eachother?
You both like eachother
You are both in the same classes at school
You both like the same music
You both like to party
You don't have much in common

Question 14:Is your crush seeing someone?
No, he's a single man
No, but he is waiting for a reply from someone.
No, but he's asking someone out
She said Maybe to him.
Yes, he has a girlfriend

Question 15:What do YOU look for first when looking for a guy?
Just someone to have sex with

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