How GOOD is your relationship?

Want to know how good your relationship really is? Want to know who is most dominant? And just how good he treats you? Take this test to see if your relationship is good and find good tips about how too make it better if its not. (This is a test for girls)

Question 1:Which one of these fit best for your guy?
Sensitive, shy and nice
Nice, trustworthy and funny
Good looking, popular and charming
Cool, mysterious and intelligent

Question 2:How often does he give you compliments?
Sometimes, but only when we are alone.
Pretty often. But only in the right moments, not so much that it is annoying. He often whispers into my ear how much he likes me.
Never. He has only said that he liked me.
Almost never. Well okay sometimes, but the only compliment I have heard is: "You are so beautiful"

Question 3:Your guy takes you out. Where does he take you?
He would probably not be the one deciding the place, he would let me decide.
Somewhere where we could talk, a nice restaurant or cafe.
Around to his friends place, or somewhere like the movies.
He would take me outdoors. To the park or down to the lake.

Question 4:You are having a date, but in the last place you have to go to the party with your girlfriends that you had forgotten about. How does he react?
Says its totally fine with him, just that you can go out another time.
Says it is okay.
Asks you if he can go with you and your girlfriends to the party.
Gets mad, and asks you to shut the party out for this one night.

Question 5:Which one of these best describes your relationship.
Fun. (You often get the feeling of happiness)
Strange. (That word can only describe the way he sometimes talks and acts)
Different. (Nothing you have tried before, unexpected)
Normal. (Seems to be like everyone else')

Question 6:How many girlfriends had he had before? (Or do you think...)
I have no idea. He had never from his school, but I think quiet a couple from around the town, different places.
Lots...Alot of the girls in school.
Not that many. He likes to "choose" girls when he really likes them.
Under 3.

Question 7:If you guys have an intimate talk, what is it about?
We ask each other strange questions and answer them. That way we can find out deep secrets about each other.
We never talk that intimate. But we do talk about normal stuff that I talk with everyone about.
Problems. Stuff that has happened to us. How we feel.
Mostly about him. How he feels about past and stuff.

Question 8:Do you think your boyfriend would agree to have a threesome with you and another girl?
No I don’t think he would. I think it would be too weird for him, because he liked me, and wouldn’t like to "share" our relationship with another girl.
Maybe if he was in the mood. But only if I agreed.
No, never.
Yes. I even think he has tried that before.

Question 9:If you guys have sex, how does he pleasure you?
He is quiet shy, so he has trouble on how good he is. He thinks he is bad, but of course he isn’t, so its always me telling him what to do.
All the ways he can. He's always trying to make me feel good in any situation.
He pleasures me by doing something that pleasures him too. He often pleasures me, but its as often the other way around.
Its me that pleasures him!

Question 10:Do you love him?
I am not sure. I have never been in love.

This Quiz has been designed by Sarah.