Would you and your crush make a good couple?
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Would you and your crush make a good couple?

Please be completely honest so that the test results will be accurate. Remember this holds my opinions... But I think you'll like it, so ENJOY!

Question 1:What topics are easy to talk about with your crush?
We can pretty much talk about anything!
Sports, music, school/church
He/she doesn't seem interested in what I have to say
We never/rarely ever talk
When we do talk, it is usually directed towards sex

Question 2:Does your crush and you have a lot in common?
Yes, we like the same sports, music, ect..
No, we don't have much in common
Definitely! We have pretty much everything in common... so much that it's scary!
No!!! We have like nothing in common, but they are sooo good looking!
I'm pretty sure, since it is so easy for us to talk and enjoy what we're talking about.

Question 3:When you get together, does your crush ever make sure to sit next to/near you?
50/50... Sometimes he/she sits with me; sometimes he/she sits with his/her other friends.
We share the same group of friends... it's easy for us to sit near each other
Yes ! ! !
Well no. BUT he/she comes over, chats with me for a few sec's, and then leaves... does that count?
Never/almost never. I don't know what it is about me that pushes him/her away. Is it because I'm too talkative? Too quiet? To ugly? WHY!?!? ::sobs/gets angry::

Question 4:How many times do you two talk each week?
We rarely ever talk.
We only talk every couple of days
We talk everyday!
We don't talk outside of school/church
We talk!?

Question 5:If you do talk, who does the calling or who initiates (starts) the conversation?
They always do the calling.
50/50... Sometimes I call him/her, sometimes he/she calls me!
I'm too nervous to talk to them and they never go out of their way to talk to me...
I always do the calling!
It doesn't really matter to me

Question 6:Is your crush around the same age as you?
Yes, we are less than a year apart
Yes, he/she is only one year older
No, he/she is two or more years older
Yes, he/she is only one year younger
No, he/she is two or more years younger

Question 7:Have you ever been on a date with them?
What are you talking about? They're my CRUSH, not my bf/gf! OR I don't see him/her outside of school/church
Yes, We occasionally date.
We go out... As friends of course
We go out, but it is not really established whether or not it is a date or a friend-like thing
Once in a while we get together

Question 8:What is the sweetest thing you have done for your crush?(now be honest!)
It's really hard for me to show them how much I care
Paid for a movie/meal
Written/said something romantic
Given genuine compliments
I'm not that kind of person

Question 9:What is the sweetest thing they've done for you?
Nothing really
Paid for a movie/meal
Complimented me
Written/said something romantic
They're not that kind of person

Question 10:Does your crush know that you like them?
I think so, though I've never actually told them
Yes, and I told them myself ::bows for applause::
Yes, I told them and it is hard for me not to remind them too often
No way! I'd die if they found out!
I will never tell... but maybe a friend could... hmm...

Question 11:Have the two of you ever kissed?
Hello!?! Shall I remind you, they are my CRUSH, not my bf/gf!!! geesh!
Yes, on the cheek
Yes, a quick peck on the lips
Yes, and it was a real/long one!
NO!!!!! Of course NOT!!

Question 12:How many people know about your feelings for this guy?
All/most of my friends!
Only my closest friends and/or family
I haven't told a soul!
Just my very best friend

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