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Would we make a good couple? Could we belong? Quiz

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For Girls and boys

  • 1
    How long have you known him/her?
  • 2
    Do you get crushes often?
    (Be honest)
  • 3
    Why are you attracted to he/she?

  • 4
    How often do you think about them?
  • 5
    What makes you think of them?
  • 6
    What's the first thing you notice about them?

  • 7
    What would you do if you saw them with their girlfriend/boyfriend?
  • 8
    Do you guys talk?
    Do you guys talk?
  • 9
    Who starts the conversation?
  • 10
    If you were trapped in a room with he/she what would you do?

  • 11
    What would you change about him/her if you could?

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628 days ago
i don't know if he likes me though. i really want him to.. :(
683 days ago
You'd be really good together! Make sure to go for it!
738 days ago
Hey! So, I attend an advanced school that specializes in math and science. I’m in eighth grade, but I’m learning at a high school level. I take fourteen classes, including algebra, earth science, chemistry and physics. The math classes in my grade are split up into seven sections based on academic level. For example, 01, which is the lowest class, learns at a slower pace than 07, the highest, most advanced class.
The boy I like, we’ll call him Dimples, is one of the smartest kids in my whole grade. He’s in 07. Even learning at a high school level he’s so smart that he learns mostly with ninth graders. He’s sweet, and kind. He’s really good at academics and sports, although he’s always modest and never brags about his ability. He’s only in three of my classes, but every time I see him, my whole perspective of the world sharpens until he’s really all I focus on. And he has the most adorable smile I’ve ever seen. It takes up his whole face, and, yes, he has really cute dimples. His braces, which I usually don’t like, just make the whole image better. He has the best laugh. Every time he’s happy, it just brightens my day.
I have one problem, though. I’ve known him for three years, but we’ve never spoken. My grade has a very severe divide between popular and not popular. I’m not popular, maybe because I’m annoying, or loud, or like to create music rather than listen to it. He’s best friends with some of the most popular, douchebag boys in my grade. Even if I tried to talk to him, which I don’t think I would ever work up the nerve to do, he would just think I’m weird or something. He’s always talking with this other girl, too, and he smiles at her. Like, whole face grinning.
I’m not sure if he likes me or not. I catch him staring a lot. In class, he always twists in his seat so he’s facing me. If he’s confused in class, he’ll ask me what my answer was.
I’m just not sure what to do. Any ideas?
741 days ago
So apparently me and the person I took this quiz in account for would make a good couple! That's cool, everyone else says so, but Ive only liked them for just today lol
744 days ago
SO I'm I now the 8 grade and this boy I know REALLY likes me I think and I like him. He gave me a big teddy bear and a box of chocolates for valentines, gives me small little gifts through out the year and birthday, carries my things and holds doors for me, and has even lent me his jacket when it was cold. Also he asked me to dance with me at homecoming. And to think all of this has happened in one year! But it wasn't always like that. Just a month ago I heard rumors that he liked me but we never really talked. But I liked him so I made the first official move. I wrote a letter confessing my feelings for him then stuck it in his bag after school. Sadly he caught me an asked me what I was doing. I told him I had something important I wanted to tell him and it's in his bag. A couple of days later he wrote a letter and gave it to me. He gave me an awkward hug and then told me it was a letter responding to mine. I opened it and it said," ( my name) I have loved you for a VERY long time and am sooo glad you feel the same. If you need anyone to talk to or just want to express your feelings, I will always be there for you!" After that he asked for my number, did a slow dance, and some other intimate stuff. Everyone thinks we're a couple now but he never asked me. Maybe he thinks we're already a couple?! Idk, what do you the next step is?
938 days ago
Lmao the Damion and Marisol conversation is the most hilarious thing in the comments section. Kudos to the person who made it. It’s funny to read (and funny that you thought people would buy into the chats; they’re so painfully obviously fake).

Anyways, getting onto my own story. I’m currently a Sophomore in High School and I’ve had a crush on the same guy for about 8 months now. He literally fits my type to a T and he’s honestly pretty amazing. We were going super well 4 months ago and there was even a week where we texted for 8 hours+ and we discussed the most random things. Then he started ignoring me all of a sudden. No texts. No talking in person. I felt like I was bothering him so I just tried to stop talking to him. The thing was, though, that he would be super on and off. One day he would be flirting and the next he would completely ignore me. I haven’t told him I have a crush on him but I make it fairly obvious so it’s likely that he knows. I’m not sure what his feelings are for me and he’s a really hard person to read and also flirts with basically everyone so that’s not much of an indication. We recently began texting again and it started out with him feeling really bad because he forgot to do something that was sorta his responsibility so I did it instead. It wasn’t even that much work but he was really apologetic and he (idk why but) thought I was pitying him because I said it was totally fine. The conversation turned more normal after that and we kinda just talked about poodles and stuff and saying that he looks like a poodle (because he’s white and has curly hair). Anyways, I really don’t know what to do or how to make our friendship progress. I’m pretty serious about him and could actually see us going somewhere. What should I do?
969 days ago
He likes me. I like him back. We are in 7th grade and too young to date and stuff. Now what?
998 days ago
most of his friends are douchebags and i don’t know how because he’s a good guy :))))
1057 days ago
Uhh marisol or damion whoever you are you know your ID number is the same which means you were just changing your username each post
1057 days ago
I am a 6th grader, and I like a boy who I'll call CT. CT and I are pretty good friends, and we talk now and then. (He never answers my texts, though. . .) CT sits 2 seats away from me in geo and RIGHT NEXT TO ME in "engineering" (it's just our school's woodshop). CT has shown NO SIGNS of afdection toward me, but for some reason EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE 23 QUIZZES I'VE TAKEN ON HERE SUGGEST HE LIKES ME BACK 100%.
1066 days ago
1072 days ago
1072 days ago
Babe come on I know how you feel please
1072 days ago
Forget it don’t ever talk to me bye forever
1072 days ago
I like I still have feelings for you but.........I think I still have feelings for Mia
1072 days ago
I’m a 5 th grader but last year I dated a kid named damion he was😊 I wish we went to the same school we broke up 😥🤭🤫😖😣
1155 days ago
Everyone said that we are good together but he said no it is not happening
1172 days ago
I'm pretty sure she doesn't even know my name..
1175 days ago
I love her. She doesn’t seem to feel the same. Her friends make me Uncomfortable.
1273 days ago
his friends constantly think we like each other also are there any boys here or all girls just curious