Who is your soul-mate? GIRLS ONLY

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Who is your soul-mate? Take this quiz to find out who!

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    Who do you have a crush on?

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144 days ago
That weird guy on the "BUS" I mean yea he is a weirdo but in a bus I mean seriously!🙂 it should have told this "thAt WeiRd guY on YoUr " CLASS"😂
167 days ago
THE NERD???? srsly, she is definitely not a nerd.
169 days ago
I hope he likes me back were dating (gay men)
215 days ago
ummmm i ride a different bus than my crush, but'= i know he's the bad boy
226 days ago
it said my soulmate is that weird guy on the bus and i don't ride a bus
509 days ago
I got the nerd... I am the nerd, my crush is the popular girl. Also I wish there was an option for 5+ years when it asked how long you knew them.
596 days ago
With- it's almost to be ''lol I got the weird guy on the bus I got for this test"
596 days ago
LOL weird guy on the bus is what I for-
649 days ago
When it asked if I'm straight,it didn't have my sexuality lolz
681 days ago
Omg I don't know who my soul mate is
698 days ago
💑. this quiz is amazing.
769 days ago
First question is meh I like a girl why is not an option for that
778 days ago
Same first question is a no go
778 days ago
Ha no. It said that he is that one kid in my but that doesn't even know me. 1st he knows her darn well. 2nd we are best friends. 3rd I don't ride the but I'm a walker so this quiz(not trying to be mean but) is just us less. If I hurt you feeling ( person who made it) in really sorry but I'm just saying the truth...
879 days ago
In the first question also, I do have a crush but he is not any of the above.
901 days ago
In the first question, none of the options match my crush. Idk which one to click bc he’s not bad, not a teachers pet, lots of ppl like him, and I do have a crush.
941 days ago
um no he’s not ideot don’t say that
ur ugly anyways
(jk ur probably very beautiful )
1003 days ago
Hi I just wanna say that this is a cool quiz thanks

1011 days ago
Sexy Ravenclaw-Lol, I got the last sentence from me and my friend Adrianna. We were doing reading and we searched up if our zodiacs are compatible.
1011 days ago
Your soul-mate is the nerd. HIM. Although it’s weird, you guys are similar in more than one way. For instance, you both can be as off-topic as talking about your zodiac instead of doing algebra.

So true!!!!!