Does My Long-Distance Love Really Care? Quiz

So your long distance boyfriend/girlfriend is sending you a lot of mixed signals lately. Ugh - how disheartening!:( Try my quiz now to help you figure out what he or she is REALLY trying to tell you! I really hope it's nothing bad, but you need to make sure. Good luck!

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    How long have you guys been in the friendzone?
    How long have you guys been in the friendzone?

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36 days ago
So me and this dude named Benji have been dating for 8 days now, but I've known him since the beginning of April, I know, that might be too soon, but we just had so much in common that it was just impossible not to ask him out. So, anyways, I ask him out and he is ecstatic, him and I have been getting along so well and have talked day in and out about our future that it seems as if we've been dating for years. I love him and he loves me, let's just see how far this relationship goes?
36 days ago
me and this boy name andrew have been together for 3 years he is an good guy but he can be an lil yk but we live in different states he is in california im in south texas it werid how they never broke up with me tho and he is plannning an future with me and him
146 days ago
Manifesting getting to meet him as we live 30 min apart but never met
146 days ago
So, I've been with my boyfriend (Let's say Cookie) for about 2 months now, overall I've known him for around 6 months. He's a sweet and pure guy, we have an age gap of 3 years which get's basically covered due to his extremely childish behaviours (In a +ve way) and his needs to be babied. We often spend hours together on Video calls and texts, He gives little virtual kisses to me and pretends to feed me food through the phone. He really knows how to make me laugh even when I am upset. Every angle and every aspect of him makes me fonder.

Sometimes what bothers me is the amount of female attention that he gets but he doesn't even open the texts. He says that I am more than enough for him which is really reassuring. My maind concern is how we will meet. Funny thing is we only live 2km away, but as we're from conservative parents, both of us do not exit the house unless it's compulsory and even then someone is usually with us. Some people tell me that if the guy really wanted to meet me he would do whatever it takes to do just that which I guess it true in a way but then again, I trust him that he really is held back. He doesn't often leave the house as his parents always doubt him having a girlfriend or misbehaving due to past events that happened. Saying all of this on an online platform wont solve anything but it feels good to take the frustration out. I hope there will be a way for us to meet..
163 days ago
I met this guy 2 years ago and we stared dating 1 year ago he's a great guy and is so loyal he is sweet and he would do anything for me he is like the best boyfriend ever.๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ
395 days ago
So i've known this guy for a bit more than 6 months and we started dating for a bit more than 2 months now. He's only a 1.5 years older than me, he just turned 18 yesterday. I met him online on a server on Discord. He lives in Canada and I live all the way on the other end in Australia. So it's really hard for me that we live so far away from each other. At the beginning he really really loved me and well i admit it was a bit weird and uncomfortable when my ex boy bff suddenly becomes my bf and he tells me that he's liked me for a month (i was totally clueless). He was aromantic and asexual and now he's not? After he started liking me that is. I love him too, but when then sometimes i think i dont love him as much as i loved my ex crush, and i feel like im not enough for him. he pointed it out too once when initially started dating that it seemed like im not putting in as much effort as he is. but i've never been in a relationship before, and neither has he, so i feel a little lost and i cant ask my bff for help cuz she still isnt in love with the idea of falling for someone online.

Yesterday, when it was his birthday, he told me that the letter i wrote for him was the best bday gift he has ever gotten, and that was really great. I wished him on my story on insta, but he never put it on his story along with the other wishes he had received. And 2 days ago he kept sending me screenshots of what he was talking to his other friends (on a grp about a tv show) about random jokes and pretending to be drunk and stuff like that. The thing is, i have FOMO (yes thats an actual thing) so when he kept sending me screenshots, that really affected me. and plus im a fan of the same tv show grp that he's on and he hasnt once bothered to ask if i would like to join. and once when he talked about me on that grp i asked him if these guys were there on the server (the server we met in) and he said "no" but he was obviously lying cuz in the grps profile picture i could see the name of one person whom i knew from the server.

Before he decided to confess to me, he talked about me to another girl and asked her for help about how to confess to me and now ig they're close friends and he told me today that he talked (texted) her for 3hrs yesterday and that hit hard too.

anyways im not sure what im complaining about, but it feels a bit good to let this all out.
424 days ago
He is 23 and I am 17. I love him very much. But I am a Buddhist and he is a Muslim. My family wouldn't want that for sure. Although he is very busy, he tries to give me as much time as possible. We secretly chat online everyday. My happiest day is Sunday because it is his day-off from work. We kind of like chat the whole day. Also, sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night and chat with him. There are a lot of things I wanna write but I will just write briefly about how I feel about him. Whenever I am with him, I feel like I am on the top of the world. Btw, I sang "Top of the World" for him and he said my voice is super. He makes me smile everyday. Knowing him is the best thing I have ever encountered in my life.
558 days ago
He/she definitely loves you. That's great - keep it up! I hope you guys will be together in the very near future. I know it's quite challenging to maintain a long-distance relationship, but you're doing a great job, and I believe it will ultimately be worth it. Good luck!

I don't even know where to start. I honestly have been with him for almost 7 months and this summer, I want to surprise him but I don't know if his parents would accept. I mean, we are both 15, and he'll turn 16 soon, and I want to be there for him, but he still hasn't told his parents, yet. plus we live across the USA and I have no idea how we would be able to see each other.
793 days ago

I'm 22, nearly 23 in few months.. I met this middle aged dude through social network (with a little research with his background, maybe 45-ish something, surprised he never post a single picture anywhere, which is mysterious). But hey, he's kind of cute and immature(silly way) with me during our conversation. we talked, send pictures (how fascinating! I felt special that he say i'm the one he only sent pic to), videos, sending gifts and voice messaging. so we felt in love after a month. we barely argue (maybe a few times of feeling tension but we have a discussion on that, communication matters, right?) everything is like a dream, he may be old but you know.. feelings.. he's way beyond perfect on how to treat me(only? I'm not sure).

Woman always have this natures of doubts, questions, insecurities and curiosity, right?

but the thing is, he don't mention some things about his past.

I used different method to asked about his marital status,
(eg, "It's almost valentine's day, don't you have a partner to go with?") he just answer it in different way and telling me all the valentine's tradition in his culture. It wasn't what I was looking-expecting for, which is just weird to me why would he dodge it instead of answering it. he could just told me straight that if he's married/divorce or single, doesn't have to be ashamed of that.. [NOTE: to any middle age guy came across here, please let your current partner know everything about you or you're just a let down..])

However! He told me that he want to spend the rest of his lifetime with me and that he always loves me to the point that he is out of breathe, telling me he wanted to kiss and hug me so badly everyday, compliments me about how beautiful and sweet I am, jokes a little to light things up.. + naked with each other and "make love"
(If he's so serious about it. why he never mention about wanting to marriage or have kids.. or introduce his real friends/parents to me? ---- can I believe him telling me that he did mention about him loving me in front of his colleagues and to some friends? is it just telling them he loves or just lying to make me feel awe? I don't know!!!)
@!!!!!(((As I found out he have admiring some other woman (younger than him) in the twitter. No, he doesn't know I was checking up on him daily to his feeds. and yes, I have to admit i'm just being a very anxious creepy stalker...))) AND ALSO, I'm terribly upset he have a post of saying "taking a screenshot of *her name*'s beautiful ass" after all the things he said to me??? and i just can't mention it up because he'll find out I was checking up on him literally everywhere?? Arghh this is killing me!)))

In this matter, I questioned myself of the red flags from him.
"Am I making a big mistake?"
"Did he love me or just being nice?"
"Maybe just a temporary and entertainment love to him?"
"Is it because I'm young and he wanted to take my "first"?"
"Am I just a prize to benefit him?" (Sexually frustration perhaps?)
"Does he treat me differently(romantically) as the others when i'm offline?"
"Will he behave and act the way he is when we met?"
and so on-

Unfortunately.. All these questions in my thoughts flashed to nothing but filled with loves when I'm with him.. I just love him way too much to losing him just to question him about all the things In my mind and what I've seen.. I'm at my absolute happy place.. and I smiled to the fullest than any of the time in reality or anyone made me feel. Honestly..He's also the brightest..(or just being polite?.. Although he have offered me to be open minded and speak up whatever I think but if he's that desperately to hid his status.. there must be something hurtful going on and tried not to go through of the past again, doesn't it? even if I'll be thinking about it but I'm just scared to lose him.. unless..) I'm back to feeling horrendous when i don't talk to him.

So tell me guys, Is it a good idea to keep going or to end things as soon as it is before I hurt myself..?

P/s: Sorry for the bad english, I just need advices.. pls comment above. I'm desperately need an answer from what other people thought of this. Maybe you can help with someone who have the same issue like me.

Q: Am I having a sugar daddy?..
A: If he have kids and also a father, He is.
If he doesn't have kids, then He isn't, consider himself as a lonely man deep down with a young and passionate empty heart.
But for me, I'm not entirely sure, Honestly.
"I don't mind spending my time and not hesitating to use my money on you" he said.
(Delicious Snacks and Beautiful handicraft is what I received, Cute.)
850 days ago
Feels great to know that he loves me! I know he does. He's 29 from Russia and I'm 16 (and a half!) from America. We love each other very much and although our love is forbidden (by my parents), we keep it a secret and chat online whenever I get the chance to, and he stops everything he is doing to make time for me and we always have a lovely time. I love him SO much!!! I can't wait for the day when he comes to meet me in person in America! I'm going to spoil and love him everyday!
863 days ago
932 days ago
I just love him so much, I've liked him since we met in kindergarten imao. I'm in 6th grade, so is he, I'm barely older r=than him almost 6 months older mainly because I was bot in January and him in May. I hope we stay together for a long time. :D
936 days ago
I just love him so freaking much he's so sweet and adorable i really love how he cares about me and i want to get married and live with him forever
1077 days ago
I hope he really loves me.. Actually my age 24 and my bf is 45.. He was my step dad. We've been in love since five month ago and had๐Ÿ˜secretly (my mom doesn't know lol), i had๐Ÿ˜with other guy before especially my brother, my ex bf friends, cousin. But i love my step dad more โค๏ธโค๏ธ.. now we are in Internet relationship because my step dad is work in germany now. He text me more than my own mom xD, i hope when he comes back, we can had๐Ÿ˜and getting married โค๏ธโค๏ธ i loves him so much #loveislove
1081 days ago
Thnk gosh! I was about to cry a different quiz said she sees me as just a friend ๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜ข
1146 days ago
wow I really love this quiz but the truth I really love her but am scared to be hurt again
1183 days ago
It said he definitely loves me . Just want this to be real and serious โค๏ธ because I am crazy about himโ˜น๏ธ
1213 days ago
I love this quiz! It's awesome
1383 days ago
Lovely quiz i luv it a lot ๐Ÿ˜
1418 days ago
He/she loves you, but not as much as you love him/her. You guys will always try to catch up with each other, and that's good. Make sure you guys always make time for each other. Ouch ๐Ÿ˜ช๐Ÿ˜ซ