Does My Long-Distance Love Really Care? Quiz

So your long distance boyfriend/girlfriend is sending you a lot of mixed signals lately. Ugh - how disheartening!:( Try my quiz now to help you figure out what he or she is REALLY trying to tell you! I really hope it's nothing bad, but you need to make sure. Good luck!

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    How long have you guys been in the friendzone?
    How long have you guys been in the friendzone?

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2086 days ago
Yay!! I did this test on two different people. (No I am not cheating, I was wondering which guy to choose.) It helped me decide, thanks I guess.
2094 days ago
I did this test about my boyfriend of 7 months. We got together in February of 2017 from a close mutual friend. We hadn't met face to face yet because he lived over a 1000 miles away. I accidentally found out from the mutual friend that he was going to come see me in November. He died of cancer in September. I miss him terribly..
2103 days ago
Tanx 2 my result becos l thought he does nt love me
2107 days ago
I really loved my result.thanks a lot and I hope to be with him in d future
2118 days ago
I loved my result. Yes i love my bf very much & i wish to be with him in future.
2125 days ago
He means a lot to me and I'm not gonna let distance get in the way. I love him and he means a lot to me he's my king and my love and I would be foolish to give up on us. we belong together!!! And always will😁💯💕
2133 days ago
I always trusted ,liked , loved her nomatter she loves me or not but heart alwayz says she loves me but bit of shyness mightbe.We have relationship with each other almost 2 weeks.We met social media and im sure that i missed and loved her so much than she would ever imagine.Love u so much babe,i don't know when we will meet each other but i bet if i met her before we would have married.
2158 days ago
Tindra. If he has a girlfriend then u should just be friends. I had that problem. We were friends. He broke up with his current girlfriend and wanted to be with me. So, we r friends for about a day and then the next I'm his girlfriend. So, if he breaks up go for him. But for now, just be his friend.
2161 days ago
I Really Love My Girl,We Meet On Social Media N Since Then We Have Seen Eachother Several Times But Now I M Out Of Town.I Left The City Since Three Weeks But We Are In Communication With Each Other She Means So Much To Me I Just Hope She Takes Good Care Of Her Self For Me.I Don Know If She's Cheating On Me Because She Usually Chat And Post Photos Of She And Other Guys I Hope She Don Get Distracted By Them,,,,,i Love You Baby Shine
2169 days ago
I hate the distance between us I love him so much it hurts...But with one smile of his I get reminded of all the reasons why he is is so worth it.Guess distance really is just a number...Love you Georgieee❤️
2205 days ago
My man is always talking about getting married .....
2212 days ago
2222 days ago
I love you charis:-*
2246 days ago
I met my bf thru a dating site..We have been in a relationship for almost 10 mos. He is working overseas and will be back this year, hopefully november..I love him despite not seeing him personally (we just exchanges pictures). LDR taught me to be patient and to trust again..I hope that our relationship may last long and that he'll be the last in my life..God bless everyone.
2248 days ago
Whoever made this quiz, your English is absolutely terrible
2251 days ago
So I was on musically (and if you have it) the shape of you ringtone was popular, I was looking at the resent ones and I saw him, I went too his profile but he only had 4 musically's so :( I liked one of his musically's and followed him then I infollowed (cause I was scared) a few days later I went on notification and he liked about ten of my musically's and followed me, of course I followed him back a few seconds later he said hey and I said hey 😋 he asked me to do a duet and I said yes after that we stared asking each other questions like what's your favorite color stuff like that and he kept on sending me musically's that he just made but they were all love songs after the conversation ended we did'nt talk often in till the Fourth of July I said happy Fourth of July and he told me his Snapchat name so I followed him on snap chat a few hours later he followed me back the next day At 11:00PM he said he had something to tell me I was so excited and he said he was savage after he said that I didn't think I liked him after that he asked me out even though I wasn't sure I liked him I though about my past self so I said ok
2252 days ago
-Small comment on my last comment-
This quiz says he loves me btw, just saying.
2252 days ago
So... I need help. This will be pretty long but if you read it, I love you. So, here's this story.

I was playing some overwatch competitve (if you don't know what it is it's just a game, not that important) when two people joined voice chat. Their names were Stealth and Amar. Anyways, after the match we decided to play some more but after awhile I had to leave. We added eachother and I left. We continued playing for a few days when once I got invited to play with them and their friend Josh.

We instantly clicked and talked about everything and anything. All of a sudden they told Josh to go into a part with just them for a second. He did and when they came back nothing had really chamged but I did feel some kind of tention.

Anyways, we continued playing and talking for a few months when suddenly I got a few messages.

Josh: Amar likes you!
Amar: No! Josh likes you!
Stealth: Yeah, Josh likes you! He told us!

In the end they told me it was a joke but still... So, a few more months of playing. Amar and Stealth kept teasing Josh for liking me and he kept denying it. In the end he started to get annoyed and same with me so I started deffending him. That made them think I liked him back and well... they started teasing me as well! Great! I remeber once I actially left the part. I was about to get really annoyed abd decided to cool down for a second.

It didn't help his main was Genji and mine was Mercy in the game (a popular ship). And it didn't help we would just sit next to eachother in spawn when the game was about to start.

The best times still were when only we were online or when we both left the party to start our own one. There we joked around a lot more becouse there we didn't get those comments, xD. Anyways, there we had both more fun and more serious conversation. Learned a lot more about eachother and got closer.

Josh has known Amar and Stealth for four years and he's pretty used to the teasing. I guess he got kinda annoyed when they dragged someone else in there as well. Anyways, once after we left a party Amar and Stealth kept being a bit annoying through messages and asked for my age. I told them and they said he was a few years younger than me. I told Josh what they said and he asked for my age. I told him abd he said theymre lying. He's just one year younger. He told me he's never told any of them my age. No one online really. Then I half started laughing and told him he just told me. He joined in. I guess he didn't even realice he indirectly told me his age.

Anyways, everytime we did 2v2 in the game he put me in his team and he always compliments me. I can really see why Amar and Stealth can think we like eachother and after awhile I actailly started liking Josh. I think it got kinda obvious but I don't really know.

Awhile later we had left them again when we started talking about how a boy and a girl can't be friends for some reason and I agreed. It is annoying. Anyways, then he told me "I actailly don't know why they tease us like this when then know I have a girlfriend". He went over it rathet quickly and quickly changed conversation topic.

I'm not dhre what to make of this so if anyone have an idea what this could mean. We do act like a pre-couple but now I can kinda see his behavior be more of a really close friend.

Anyways, plz give me advice and tell me what to do... Ty for reading all this and I'd very much appreciate it if you guys told me what it meant. So, goodbye and thank you in advance

2262 days ago
I love him so much,but he's always off,we're in a LDR..Says his phone got a problem,he got a new charging system,he's of
2263 days ago
I was just looking at random accounts and I found him I liked one of his musically's and followed him and unfollowed him three days later he liked ten of my musically's and followed me and I followed him back and we started asking each other questions he told me to follow him on Snapchat and he asked me out,that was about a few months ago