Does My Long-Distance Love Really Care? Quiz

So your long distance boyfriend/girlfriend is sending you a lot of mixed signals lately. Ugh - how disheartening!:( Try my quiz now to help you figure out what he or she is REALLY trying to tell you! I really hope it's nothing bad, but you need to make sure. Good luck!

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    How long have you guys been in the friendzone?
    How long have you guys been in the friendzone?

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2274 days ago
I was here to test my love lol but I see only most of the ladies r confused ๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ˜‡
2286 days ago
For this reason we argue a lot..nd he don't even come bck to me...i can't resist so i'v to myself txt him or call him..can anyone tell what should we do??
2286 days ago
Actually he's so involved in his business that he don't have time 4 me..nd sometimes he don't let me knw some little things which i usually share wid him.he miss me only whn he's free otherwise not.
2319 days ago
I love a guy in relative how i he is crush on me
2345 days ago
2350 days ago
my boyfriend and i love each other but he keeps on wanting my ๐Ÿ’—tures on fb, i dnt knw if he z busy comparing me to other gal .he says iam the most beautiful and sexy gal he ever met. he adore me too much and he call me my wife, am just confused whether he loves me or just playing with my mind like a grand piano. mwakoi zambia
2355 days ago
I love her to death,,i think of her all the time,,i cannot stay a single minute without missing her,but i have to force her to say i love u to me,she does not care about me at alk,when we are talking she is busy chatting on her phone with other guys,,she posts on facebook pics of guys and saying how much she misses them.
2367 days ago
i lov u bby! bt u dont treat me wel.
2367 days ago
he keeps on telin me he lvs me bt i doubt his lv cos he dnt contact me on phn, nd i lov him so much.
2396 days ago
we have been in a relationship for almost 3 years now, he just move away 3 months ago but hes begining to tell me that about the mariage proposal he might or might not end up being together with me what should i do
2404 days ago
My boyfrnd is gonna ga abroad and i miss him more everyday...Yesterday was our last day and a friend of his took a photo of both of us with my boyfrnd's hand wrapped around my shoulder...I miss u baby...I m crying so much that no one could ever imagine.....I LUV U,BABY.....Please dont forget me.....Please.....
2417 days ago
Such a really this quiz gives the positive feeling about him really its to good hope so when he is back.
2445 days ago
two guyz r askng me to luv thm i rily do know whom to choose on coz ts along distance relationship en wats funny of me is am always complicated en i only ask for frndship i know God will help me mve out of this mess
2454 days ago
i love this guy because he is the most lovely thing that i ever had in my life. he is just amazing.. and i hope i want to be with him fr very end of my life and support him like he supported me in every possible situation till now. just i want to hear his true feelings from him the one that my heart is longing to hear let it be bad or good i just want to hear it out.
2482 days ago
Ive bn dating dis guy for 4yrs.He say he want 2mery me.I dnt knw whthr 2blv hm or nt bt god knws
2503 days ago
how would i know if he still loves me
2504 days ago
Dia, i have been 9months without seeing u again. but am not feeling ok & u've only one person i have been in strong love since then. So please i just want 2 know wheather u love me or not?
2533 days ago
i am I a friendship w dis guy from 2011 but 1st tym meet ,he neva calls wen I call too is ether he didn't pink or chat back its a distance relationship too pls I won't to know if he truly Luv me dat he want to marry me as he claim thanks
2552 days ago
I have boyfriend who is get angry whn i am talk with other guys
2596 days ago
luv is rlly vry lovely thing its just based on trust
l luv u rahul u r jst my life