Does My Long-Distance Love Really Care? Quiz

So your long distance boyfriend/girlfriend is sending you a lot of mixed signals lately. Ugh - how disheartening!:( Try my quiz now to help you figure out what he or she is REALLY trying to tell you! I really hope it's nothing bad, but you need to make sure. Good luck!

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    How long have you guys been in the friendzone?
    How long have you guys been in the friendzone?

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2605 days ago
i have aboyfriend whom we met last year august.Since then we have,neva stopped talking to each other .do ihave to keep on trusting him even,though i have no opes of,meeting him soon
2620 days ago
Just 6 months only i know him first 2 months he talk very well now he was work in singapore after that only he doesn't talk me he didn't tell the proper reason so iam get fear about her chacter
2641 days ago
we wre 4riends 4 2 yrz nd started dating this in january.he wasnt alwayz coming home bt this year he has chngd bt i dout
2648 days ago
I just dont know how to deal with this its really vry annoying to hear about another hot girl from him
2650 days ago
Love is wonderful Do it ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜ with trust
2667 days ago
Never belive in bf of 8 years in a long distance relation ship getting married today wid some other Gul.he did not even contact or msg me from last 15 days.he said Ki he ll never leave he left me broke me crushes me n he is happy
2671 days ago
Hey guys,don't u ever believe in long distance relationships cause u'll get hurt unexpected
2710 days ago
Adi I miss u . T you love me know also .
2727 days ago
I Dnt Konw If Him Till Lv Me
2728 days ago
we are in a long distance relationship
2756 days ago
i am in relationship ldr itss just awosome but for some days he is begin late for his time as there are certain problem running in his family but i am little confused that iss he really love me or just this all is fake but he hass told all his friends about me amd his elder sisters alsoo
2769 days ago
Hey am in a distnce relationship i dnt khw if he's into me or what coz its a long time call or seen each other...plz i need to khw that he still love me..
2786 days ago
My bf was serious de time he was chasing after me bt since he got me nd left 4 skul,he turns cold.Y ?
2786 days ago
we r in relationship since 4 months nd everything was going fine but all of sudden j found many changes in him like he started sharing my id to his frnds nd started arguing with meh without any reason I m not getting whats wrong him please suggest meh what to do
2797 days ago
Me and my ex have broken up he say he still love me but he show it in a bad way
2803 days ago
I have a soulmate i know him only on facebook but i really inlove with him we are very far to each other...its been 3months since we start our communication pls help me wat to do
2811 days ago
Am in a long distance relatiomship nd i dont he dat he truely luvs me.pls wat do i do?
2824 days ago
Astridah, if u r in a distance relationship and your relationship is going calmly then for sure he loves u...
Good luck..
2824 days ago
My result is that โ€œshe truly loves me" then can anybody tell me why she left me and that too without any reason but I'm not sure if she left me or was forced to do so? Plz.. If anybody knows tell me plz..
2840 days ago
am in a distance relationship am not sure if he loves me