Does Your Long Distance Love Feel the Same? Play this Quiz & See Now

You try to stay close, emotionally, and you wish that you two could be together all the time. But unfortunately, the one you like or love lives a long distance away. Without that physical closeness and all the unspoken clues that being right there with them provides, it can be hard to always know what's going on between you. Instead of just longing for your long-distance love, play this quiz now and see where things stand.

  • 1
    How often do you text each other?
    How often do you text each other?
  • 2
    How often do you talk on the phone? (FaceTime or just a phone call.)
  • 3
    How long have you known each other?

  • 4
    Does he call you any pet names?
  • 5
    Have you met him in person?
  • 6
    How often do you hang out?

  • 7
    Which of you usually makes your plans to see each other?
  • 8
    Where does he want to take you when you hang?
  • 9
    Does he know, or want to know, what is going on in your life?
  • 10
    How do you feel about him?

Comments (11)


49 days ago
It said 1-2 years,I went back then it said 11 months,I went backagain then it said 5-8 months and I even chose the same answers
63 days ago
Want to know his feelings towards me
268 days ago
i love my wife im going to make her happy :')
525 days ago
For almost four months I've been dating with this guy in Pakistan I met on facebook. We have not met in person at this time. The sad thing is he used to be super into me and would constantly call and text me, made sure I got sleep, but then he slowed down and avoids talking with me. It feels bad because he said at first he "wanted to meet me in heaven" and "to be by his side at all times." Then for some reason he just stopped and barely texts to me and then usually some random sticker that doesn't mean anything.
664 days ago
so me and this guy have been talking and well he lives all the way in the USA and im from the UK.He plays footy so hes busy most of the time.Once he left me on delivered for 9 hrs and i confronted him and said if ur going to treat me like the last priority then don't pick up my calls and act like we vibe n 👮.He told me he was sorry and that he makes time for me, mentioning that if he didn't fwm then he wouldn't miss his sleep talking to me but idk still
1118 days ago
Me and this girl have been talking for almost a year and we are pretty good friends. We never face time but that's only because I have never asked. She said she liked me once before but then we stopped talking after that. I really don't know if she likes me or not although I recently put a poll in my Instagram asking if they would date me or not and she said yes! But she keeps bringing up other girls and telling me that the girls in her area are "so hot". I've told her I like her before but I don't want to wreck our friendship again! What do I do!?
1623 days ago
I would love to ask him out but I'm scaredhis name is justin
1746 days ago
Hello, I have been talking to this guy for a while that I met online (like 2yrs maybe) and I’ve started to have feelings for him but I’m not sure how he feels or where I stand in his mind. How could I find out without giving too much away that I’m interested in him. (I don’t want to lose our friendship)
1748 days ago
I have a long distance relationship but it seems like he doesn't feel the same way about me what could I do
1795 days ago
This test was actually incredibly accurate for my relationship with my long distance boyfriend! X3
1797 days ago
Hey idk cuz ik he prob does like me😊☺️