Compatibility Test (99.9% accurate)

So, there's this person you really like. When they smile your heart rate goes up, the mere thought of them touching you sends shivers down your spine... we've all been there. You've got a crush! But would you work out? Is it worth taking any further?
Compatibility is the first box to check, but we rarely know what makes us compatible with another person. This test will help you come to a decision!
Have fun!

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    Communication is everything. Do you talk to him/her?

    Communication is everything. Do you talk to him/her?

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4 days ago
Are you sure you're not dating already? ;)
If not, go for it! You guys seem like a great fit and all that's left is to try and make it official.
If there's any doubt left in you, you should talk to your person and figure it out together. Remember that communication is key!
Although it seems you are perfect for each other, you should take into account that this is based on your view of the situation. Now you got to find out if you and this test He and I are officially dating already 💕 I love him smm
8 days ago
This is very much indeed true. Thank you
21 days ago
we are poop lol :( mmhmmhmhmmh
21 days ago
uh- nope, never i don't think i have a chance but he is sooo sweet
22 days ago
Lol -
He dumped me because he wasn't ready to commit to a relationship
I like him too much help
26 days ago
Burger King foot lettuce
28 days ago
28 days ago
my crush aka my bestie rejected me cause she's straight.
"K****** honey, i love you, and your an amazing wonderful perfect beautiful funny girl.... but om straight"
thats what she said.
42 days ago
Pie is my Fav :) :) I dont like love bwtw
43 days ago
Ummmm is my crush aloud to be my ex?
44 days ago
me and annabelle are very compatible :))
51 days ago
I sleep with her every night, and we go to the bathroom at the same time
53 days ago
I ate my grandma's toes
53 days ago
I too want any one of the BTS members to rail me like a locomotive that's lost it's control. My son loves this band, but has not seen them because we hate South Korea. Kinda funny how that works.
59 days ago
only rgnk i can sau us tru
59 days ago
I thought only i was the one but looks like there are thousands 🤣💜
62 days ago
Hopefully this is true.
64 days ago
turtles r so cute and slimy i luvv them and i luv my turtle burtle
67 days ago
OMG Adrienne!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!! Tell me how it goes!!!!(You don't have to tell me though)
71 days ago
I am gonna kiss him on saturday(Maybe) (If i don't get scared)