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This point of this quiz is to help couples work through the confusion of relationships. If you answer honestly, you can find out whether you and your crush are compatible - or maybe should just keep away from each other altogether. (I hope not!) So take this fun and easy quiz to find out the real truth.

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    Do you talk to him/her?


    Do you talk to him/her? (BE HONEST, OR YOUR RESULT WON'T BE ACCURATE!)

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can i pls contact the owner of the site i think it s bugged
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pardon du spam !((((((((((((((((
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7 days ago
One of my male friends has confessed to me that he's liked me for a few years about a year and a half ago, but I said I was unsure and didn't know if I liked him back or not. He said he'd wait for me. Recently, ive been thinking of him quite a bit and I just had this dream about him and we were really close and happy together, he held my hand and seemed shy about it so I held it back and smiled linking my arm around his. I woke up and I smiled and thought of him. I reaserched what holding hands in dreams meant and its a sign of affection and love but also indicates friendship. I'm still unsure if I like him or not, but I do miss him and think of him more then my other friends and family too. I regret saying no to him, I think. But I don't know if he could wait that long, 1 and a half years is a pretty long time..
7 days ago
my girlfriend is cool :thumbsup:
15 days ago
So, uh, this guy is actually my ex but I cheated on him... So I guess I deserved the cold shoulder he gave me for a couple months, but now I've showed him that I'm entirely devoted to him and only him, yet he doesn't trust me, even though it's only been four months, I can't help but think it's not gonna happen, and I've even almost killed myself a couple of times because of it, I dunno, I'm just trying to smile through the pain for now I guess...
18 days ago
God is dead and we killed him 👨🏽‍🦼
18 days ago
((gray on my momma
18 days ago
I have a crush on a boy but he said I was ugly 🥺🙁😔😩
21 days ago
Lily: shoot your shot gurl! I mean the worst that could happen is he says no! If he says yes just because of your looks though and doesn’t care about your personality and soul, then ditch him!THIS GOES TO ALL YOU GIRLS! DONT BE AFRAID TO GET YOSELF YO MANS! 💅💅
Anyways,Just do it Lily! You got this!
24 days ago
so I have liked this guy for like a year now and I feel like he used to like me but I’m not sure about it anymore. we used to talk every single day in class at school and laugh in tease each other. i’ve been to his house a few times and talked with him over quarantine but I don’t know what he feels towards me. I don’t think he wants a relationship and I don’t think he would be very loyal even if he did. Plus he talks to a couple of my friends and flirts with them. I know this sounds silly but I feel something between us and I think he feels it too but we’re not really sure what to do about it and we are too stuck in our own worlds to go after it.
my friends say that he would 🍦 me but that’s not what I want from him I want an actual relationship because I think I might love him...
25 days ago
So, i've known this guy since i was 7, he's a family friend, but we dont see his family often. We go to the same school, but we're in different classes and girls and boys arent allowed to talk to eachother, which sucks:( . i KNOW he likes me, he stares at me all the time, and my friends tease me about it constantly. i actually dont know WHY i have such a MASSIVE crush on him. He's not reallyattractive, but he's quite talented. My best friend says its not even a crush anymore. She says its "fate" or "destiny"

Welp, enjoy reading this, imma go cry in my room...
BYEEEE PEEPS (teal))also, if you have a gut-feeling, just shoot your shot. Or your missing out on opportunities you could've had......
okie, NOW BYE
29 days ago
eliza: ive missed so many chances but if he liked you he might still so just take a leap and if it doesn't go well do not make things awkward that's if u still like this guy
30 days ago
I have a MASSIVE crush on this guy, he’s so funny, kind and smart! A few weeks ago his friends told me that he liked me too so I obviously got excited but then about a week later I started to get this feeling that he didn’t like me anymore and I totally lost my chance with him 😔
133 days ago
My test results were really low but I mean I really like her so I hope she likes me and I am always thinking about her and she is so nice and she is musical,artistic, flexible and she is so kind and the crush I have on her is huge and she won't get out of my head ahhhhhhhhh!!! I can't stop thinking about her😰😱😨😵😍😛😜 🚔
135 days ago
i have a boyfriend but I dun think we can be together in future ,but I love him but I want to no if he love me too.i want to get marry to him