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So, you met someone you really like. Their smile makes your heart rate skyrocket. Their touch makes you shiver. You love their personality type, and you have similar values and no big differences. You feel a REALLY strong connection with them - maybe even more than with your current partner. Heck, this might even be the first person of high value you've met in your life!

Well, first off, congrats! Could this be your perfect match for life? Or is this person just good for some fun & won't be a partner compatible enough for a lasting relationship? Find out now if this great human being could be the right person - YOUR person. This compatibility test will help you evaluate your connection and come to a decision!

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    Communication is everything. Can you really talk to him/her?
    Communication is everything. Can you really talk to him/her?

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15 days ago
So there's this guy...
I've liked him for 5 or 6 months now. He is handsome, smart, funny, kind and just the nicest guy I've ever liked. Every time I see him I want to run up to him and hold his hand. I think he liked me, he stares at me, he flirts with me, he teases me and he always starts the conversation. I used to really like his best friend and he used to date one of my friends. I can't work out if he still likes me and thinks I don't like him or if he is over me because he just became taken.. what should I do?
25 days ago
omg good luck phil im rooting for u
31 days ago
I really like this girl but she keeps getting restraining orders on me and says I 'shouldn't be in her house' and 'need to stop breaking her windows' but this test tells me that we are meant to be together. I think I will keep trying but the new bars on her windows are very strong, wish me luck!
64 days ago
Apparently there will be something in the future for us.
I hope so, but I wish I knew if they liked me.
135 days ago
it says we’re compatible but she has a boyfriend and we’re ‘only friends :P

i hope to confess my feelings soon in case they break up or something, then i can be a ‘backup’ or whatever idek *sighs*

but that probably won’t happen any time soon, she really likes him smh

ilytm my friend :3
141 days ago
Are you FlawlessKevin????????🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍ 🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
141 days ago
It looks like something will work out here. You seem to have a strong relationship, so something positive will probably take place in the not-too-distant future. ;)
It is up to you what you make of it, but it seems there's only a couple more steps to take before you guys end up together!
You have to be honest with yourself whether there's a deal-breaker that might ruin your general compatibility. And if not: Go for it!

The deal breaker? I'm gay and have a crush on my best friend
142 days ago
There's a small chance something could happen between you.
But you don't seem to know each other well enough. This makes it hard to fully determine whether this could work out or not. A sweet smile is not enough to form a lasting attachment. Are you being truthful? Maybe take a look at the both of you from an objective perspective. Do you really fit? Or do you just want it to happen and are willing to look past the differences?
Remember - don't change yourself because you like someone. You're brilliant just the way you are.

Not me trying this with a BTS member - Kim taehyung -
156 days ago
i asked her out a couple days ago because my friends were pressuring me and then 2 hours later she breaks up with me because she says she isnt ready for a boyfriend yet. we didnt even like hug or anything. we still are very good friends though.
158 days ago
When will the marriage taking place
163 days ago
Are you sure you're not dating already? ;)
If not, go for it! You guys seem like a great fit and all that's left is to try and make it official.
If there's any doubt left in you, you should talk to your person and figure it out together. Remember that communication is key!
Although it seems you are perfect for each other, you should take into account that this is based on your view of the situation. Now you got to find out if you and this test He and I are officially dating already 💕 I love him smm
167 days ago
This is very much indeed true. Thank you
180 days ago
we are poop lol :( mmhmmhmhmmh
180 days ago
uh- nope, never i don't think i have a chance but he is sooo sweet
181 days ago
Lol -
He dumped me because he wasn't ready to commit to a relationship
I like him too much help
185 days ago
Burger King foot lettuce
187 days ago
187 days ago
my crush aka my bestie rejected me cause she's straight.
"K****** honey, i love you, and your an amazing wonderful perfect beautiful funny girl.... but om straight"
thats what she said.
201 days ago
Pie is my Fav :) :) I dont like love bwtw
202 days ago
Ummmm is my crush aloud to be my ex?