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So, you met someone you really like. Their smile makes your heart rate skyrocket. Their touch makes you shiver. You love their personality type, and you have similar values and no big differences. You feel a REALLY strong connection with them - maybe even more than with your current partner. Heck, this might even be the first person of high value you've met in your life!

Well, first off, congrats! Could this be your perfect match for life? Or is this person just good for some fun & won't be a partner compatible enough for a lasting relationship? Find out now if this great human being could be the right person - YOUR person. This compatibility test will help you evaluate your connection and come to a decision!

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    Communication is everything. Can you really talk to him/her?
    Communication is everything. Can you really talk to him/her?

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9 days ago
I liked my grade 1 classmate for like 3 years and now I still like him he is Scorpio and I am also Scorpio I was born 4 days after him we do not get time to talk to each other both of us live near we are born same month and year we are both filipinos and 3 years being with him we finally like each other! he is my crush and I am a girl
14 days ago
Go PHIL! Break those bars and get making out 🤣🤪🤡🤫😝😗😙😚😘🥰😍
94 days ago
and lily same problem as you :(
94 days ago
ok lily i LOVE american football and the guy i like does to we all have a chance and phil gross your a creep
94 days ago
ok evry one who is second guessing like me WE CAN DO IT ithink

p.s ima girl
94 days ago
i REALLY REALLY like this guy and i told him and he keeps hinting that he likes me idk what i should do maybe we were meant to be should i go for it??
151 days ago
168 days ago
Hi, I like this guy and I decided to take my chances and tell him how I feel. My best friend says that he stares at me sometimes and obviously likes me, but I don’t know if she’s just saying it to make me feel nice, and I’m pretty sure he used to like me but I’m not sure if he does now. Anyway, does anyone have advice on how I should tell him that I like him?
170 days ago
@the pan girl
My friend Ady has my heart
A few friends know I like her. They said I should ask her to go to the dance with me as “friends”
189 days ago
I like her so much but she straight
217 days ago
alr, so, ive known her for almost seven years, we're both girls, she acts kinda flirty, but i can't really tell if she's being serious or not. None of us has ever had a boyfriend, nor liked a boy. I wish i wasn't that much of a coward.
249 days ago
I got very compatible on the result, I guess it is true me and my crush kinda help hands, but it was like a long have, we pressed the palms of our hands together but then we kinda just stood there and smiled
355 days ago
Me and my crush are quite close I'd say. I hardly see him because we have different classes but when I do, I have the best conversations with him. He's complimented a few times and called me pretty twice (I don't see it but whatever haha). He's literally the best and he always listens to me and is there for me. I like him so much and I don't know whether I should tell him. My friends constantly joke that we'd be great together but I'm not sure...
397 days ago
haha it said I had a chance with them. I came out to her, and its been weird between us sense, and she doesnt talk to me as much. I get why she would feel anything against me, but still. This was a month ago. (p.s we're rooting 4 u phil)
444 days ago
One likes indoors and one likes a party. Defiantly soulmates.
482 days ago
So I did it and it said go date her so i did and got ***** slapped. I Hate these tests
482 days ago
I did this with my best friend. Who knew we belonged together?
521 days ago
I was with my guy for a year or so.
We were very compatable. He eas so
Good to me. A handssome kind loving
Guy. BUT... I have really bad stink breath
And Cheesy stinking foot rot.
From whuch people run a mile.
It was verybrave of this guy to stay
with me for so long.
The longest time anyone has actually
Any advice ??? I am 19.
534 days ago
Pineapple I think it's obvious Phil was joking -_-
538 days ago
Phil that is very creepy she has clearly stated her opinion you need to get away from her now if you haven’t already creep