Crush Compatibility Quiz (Girls Only) - Test it now

Are you and your crush meant to be, like Edward and Bella - or would you be better off just finding another fella? Find out by taking this simple, accurate quiz! Be sure to answer honestly, or you will not receive an accurate result. It can be tempting to answer in a way that will give you the result you really want, but remember that you'd just be cheating yourself if you're less than completely candid. Good luck!

  • 1
    How often do you speak to/interact with your crush?
    How often do you speak to/interact with your crush?
  • 2
    Which of you usually starts the conversation?
  • 3
    Where do you usually see him in person?

  • 4
    Do you flirt with him?
  • 5
    Does he flirt with you?
  • 6
    If you catch him looking at you, what is his reaction?

  • 7
    If he catches you looking at him, what is your reaction?
  • 8
    If he sees you as you are walking by each other, what does he do?
  • 9
    If you see him while you are walking by each other, what do you do?
  • 10
    How often is your crush on his phone?

  • 11
    How does he treat you?
  • 12
    How long have you known your crush?
  • 13
    How long have you had a crush on your crush?
  • 14
    Are you ever alone with your crush? If so, do you interact while you are alone?
  • 15
    Does your crush voluntarily spend time with you?
  • 16
    Do you voluntarily spend time with your crush?

  • 17
    Do you work well together?
  • 18
    How do your friends feel about him?
  • 19
    Has he ever had a girlfriend?
  • 20
    How do you have most of your conversations?

  • 21
    Do you know his family?
  • 22
    Does he know your family?
  • 23
    Do you argue often with your crush?
  • 24
    How do you and your crush usually resolve arguments, if you have them?
  • 25
    Do you and your crush have common interests?
  • 26
    Do you and your crush have the same values?

  • 27
    How often do you think about your crush?
  • 28
    Do you make choices based on what you want your crush to see/think?
  • 29
    How would you ask your crush out on a date?
  • 30
    Why do you like him?

  • 31
    How do you feel if you see him interacting with another girl or other girls?
  • 32
    How do you feel around your crush?
  • 33
    Final question: What kind of relationship are you looking for?

Comments (39)


20 days ago
So, I like a boy, but he has a girlfriend... who looks exactly like me. So I think that's why he different around me. So... yeah...
51 days ago
i take the advice and to be honest,am i the only one who keeps doing these quizzes over and over again for diffrent sanarious over all i love it! :)
81 days ago
Thx for the advice. I will definitely take what you said into consideration.
And you are right, the "we only see each other for ten minutes each day " was an excuse, thx for calling me out on that. And yes I do realize that I am being a coward,
Also, you were correct to assume that I am a teenager, but I don't think I'll feel the same for other girls. I am Demiromantic. And if you are wondering how that works with me being Demiromantic and us barely talking, we have been friends since kindergarten.
Anyways this next part is going to sound salty but it is actually sincere.
Thank you so much for making fun of my past self. I will look back on this comment and learn from it to never try to comment something cringey ever again.
One last thing, thx for the good luck, I really do need it.
120 days ago
You don't really like her it's the puberty doing the love thing (I'm guessing ou're a teenager), you'll probably feel the same thing for another girls. But if you want to insist on it stop being a coward with this 😻 excuse "We OnLy SeE eAcH oThEr FoR tEn MiNuTs A dAy" go fkn tell her what you want she knows, Idk even know how you feel this thing for her if you two barely talk to each other. Anyway... Good luck, you'll need it.
143 days ago
I am in need of some advice,
I have had a crush on one my friends for almost four months now, but we rarely have time to talk in person. She also doesn't text me back often because of the app we use to communicate doesn't send her notifications when I text her. I want to be able to tell her that even as a friend she is the person I trust the most. And over the years I have grown afraid of getting close to people because they usually end up leaving me, but with her I feel safe and happy. She was the easiest person to come out to and I need a way to tell her how much she means to me without telling her about my crush on her. Telling her in person is not an option because we only see each other for ten minutes each week day. Any suggestions?
144 days ago
but I'm bisexual...
(currently have a crush on female best friend)
185 days ago
I feel like most of the people taking this test are gay. Me too, lol. I guess straight people don't obsessively overthink their crushes?
195 days ago
Me, a girl: clicks in quiz

The quiz talking about “him” and in person 🐬.

Me, a lesbian who likes an online friend: Kay 👁👄👁👌
237 days ago
Me, a lesbian: Improvise, adapt, overcome
250 days ago
Adelynn- If you think he likes you go for it! Even though you arent alowed to date you can still come to trms how yall feel about each other!
261 days ago
Hey, so after the quarantine and we went back to school i met him and i talked to him for a while and i really like him. Neither of us are allowed to date but i still think we could at least admit we like each other and the quiz said we were compatible so what do ya'll think?
289 days ago
Lol, funny I took the test but my crush is on a girl (I'm a girl too) 😂 it would be so cool if it was gender neutral or with the possibility to chose the gender of the person.
314 days ago
I’m a girl, so I took this quiz cause it said girls only, but...I like a girl, so it was very awkward for my crush to keep being referred to as a guy. She’s a girl, and I’m gay, so stop assuming people sexual preferences
343 days ago
My friend said that he heard my crush tell his friend that he likes me. They don’t know that I like him back. I want him to ask me to be his girlfriend but he is too shy. I want his number but he wont give me it. I think its because my friends asked him a minute before but he wouldnt give her it. I met him around 3 moths ago when I moved to secondary school. He is in my form & we are kinda friends.
350 days ago
i know my crush since birth.we never talked still though we both go to same martial arts day i couldn't block his kick and it hit hard on me .still i acted normal
355 days ago
HELLO THIS QUIZ WAS UNBIASED WHICH GOOD AND it said i might be able to have a healthy relationship with him but he just wanna be friends for now likeeeeeee whaaaaaat I never even talked to her in mah life ;o;
369 days ago
but my crush has a crush):
369 days ago
the test said he likes me but i want to know in real life if he actually likes me
529 days ago
I mean like, we’re compatible but I feel like the “girls only” is more of a “attraction to men only” since all girls don’t have to be attracted to men. My crush is female and it just made me feel weird that it was so hetero.
546 days ago
This is accurate enough, if I'm realistic about it... As much as I've known him for long enough, I've never really asked about his hobbies or personal interests, and outside of church, we've only spent time together once... I'm glad that there's at least a chance, though... Once I get to know him better... If I can be a little bolder and ask him actual get-to-know-you questions, instead of always joking around and having random, arbitrary conversations (even though that's a lot of fun)... Anyway, I definitely enjoyed this quiz... I don't think it's a waste of time, like some others👍