The Ultimate Love test
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The Ultimate Love test

YOU + YOUR CRUSH = good OR bad? Take this test which will determine the Percentage of how good you and your loverboy are for each other!!!!

Question 1:When You first saw your guy, what was the first thing you noticed the most?
Oh my God! He's like so totally hot!
Awe he's so cute! Maybe I'll see if we can get together!
Wow! Me and him do a lot of the same stuff and have a lot in common!
He's Cute, Smart, Sweet, and likes the same stuff as me!
God, did you see the Grand Canyon on his face?

Question 2:What kinds of stuff do you feel comfortable talking about with your crush?
Nothing! All he wants to talk about is Football!
We never talk!
We mostly talk about what he wants because he's not interested in what I have to say.
We talk about sex most of the time!
We can pretty much talk about anything!

Question 3:Do you and his friends ever hang out?
Yes, we hang out at lunchtime during school. We sit together.
Yes, We all go places during the weekends. We have a blast!
Yes. We talk a little in the halls, but that's about it.
Yes. They make fun of me all the time. Does that count?
Nope..... His friends don't like me, and I don't like them.

Question 4:Where do you and your crush go for just outside school fun?
We Go see a movie and play arcade games.
We don't do anything outside school.... Just hang out during lunch.
We never do anything together. He doesn't even talk to me.
We like to go to football games together.
We just chill at my house or at his house.

Question 5:Does your crush and you have a lot in common?
A little.... I mean we're in the same classes and all.
Definitely! Whenever one of us brings up a subject, it's so easy to discuss because we both enjoy what we're talking about!
Yes, we like the same sports, music, and are in the same classes
No, we don't have TOO much in common... just little things.
No... All he likes and talks about his football!!!!

Question 6:When you have pep rallies, assemblies, ect.. Does you sweetie ever come and sit by you?
Yes, but only when I'm near his friends and there's no where else for him to sit.
No, he doesn't like sitting by me because I talk too much.
No, not really... I mean he once in a while will come over, say hello, sit down, get back up, and then leave.
Yes... Sometimes he sits with me and Sometimes he sits with his other friends.
Yes. All the time!

Question 7:What was the first thing your crush ever said to you?
Move Outta My way, Fat-@$$
Hi, [then your name]
He hasn't talked to me yet, but I just know he will.
Hey, [your name], I was wondering if you had anything planned for Friday?

Question 8:How much do you know about Your Lover boy?
Oh, like everything!!! He tells me everything about him!
Well we talk a lot, so I've gotten to know him a little better each day.
I don't know jack about him because we never talk.
All I know is what sport he plays and how smart he is.
I know he likes my best friend.... Is that enough to know?

Question 9:What does his family think of you?
They think I am so rude and am always complaining about things
I don't know... They seem to like me okay...
They haven't even met me yet.
They still have to make up their minds about me.
They think I'm sweet and a good person for their son.

Question 10:Does he know you like him?
Yes... We go out.... how stupid of a test was this?
Yes, I just told him a couple of days ago. He said he likes me, too.
Yeah, and we haven't talked since.
No, I haven't told him yet, and I am not going to tell him ever!
Yes, and he doesn't care. But he'd rather just be friends instead.

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