Should you take it further?
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Should you take it further?

You have mutual respect, you like each other but you are unsure whether he/she wants to take things onto a romantic level, and what he/she would think etc. Now is your chance to find out!

Question 1:   What's the kindest thing he's ever said to you?
Even you aren't that dumb... (when talking about someone with VERY low intelligence)
I love you, but not like that...
I love you, you're gorgeous

Question 2:   You suggest going out somewhere. Where do they suggest?
They slam the door in your face and say 'in your dreams'
Shopping/the park
The cinema

Question 3:   What would your parents say if you went out?
I like to see you getting on- but don't do anything gross in public
You make a lovely couple
Oh my gosh! You actually like each other?

Question 4:   What would his parents say?
Stay away from our house
It kinda reminds us of when we were little and... (gross oldie romance here)
You're a good influence on our son

Question 5:   Do your parents like him?
He's ok
Yeah they love him to bits
He's their scapegoat

Question 6:   Do his parents like you?
They use me as a good example
They use me as a bad example
They invite me round to tea sometimes

Question 7:   At Christmas what would he do with you under the mistletoe?
Kiss on the lips
Kiss on the cheeks
Stab you with holly

Question 8:   What's your pet name for him?
The Pain

Question 9:   How does he look at you?
With an evil glare
Same as he looks at anyone else
With a romantic look in his eyes

Question 10:   When was the last time you spent time together?
At a party- and he wasn't dancing with me
When we were forced to!
We went on a date

Question 11:   What pet name does he call you?
'dear' or 'love' but same as any other woman

Question 12:   What does he buy you for Christmas?
He doesn't
Something I'm sure his mother got
12 red roses

Question 13:   Why aren't you guys a couple?
I don't see him like that
Going out with him?... ew gross!
I'm too shy

Question 14:   How does he invite you out?
'Hey do you wanna go down to the skip? Could get better clothes than them ones!'
'Do you want to go out tonight?'
He mumbles and tries not to blush

Question 15:   What do you do on Valentines day?
Wish I could be with him
Burn anything his gf gives to me as punishment for last year when he did the same to me... oh yeah:( it is kinda a cycle
Dance with him at the party and send each other valentines

Question 16:   When other people talk about him you?
Talk back
Feel jealous they're not talking about you and insult him

Question 17:   Are your interests the same as his?
Er no, eating snot isn't my kinda thing
Yeah... gazing at his face (he uses a mirror), thinking about him... you get the picture
Yeah I guess

Question 18:   When was the last time you spoke seriously with him?
When we were really little and our mothers made us be kind
What without blushing?
Last night

Question 19:   Do you like him?
Yeah- I adore him!
Yeah he's my mate

Question 20:   Does he like you?
Yeah we hang out
I think that's why he writes me love songs

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