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Are You In A Sexless Partnership?

If you're partnered but not having much or any sex, then yeah. I am sorry this is happening to you. This quiz will help you find out WHY you're in a sexless marriage or partnership so you can hopefully improve things.

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33 days ago
The test results you gave me for my quiz is 100% wrong I am a man I’ve been in a relationship with my woman for around 20 some years just sick maybe twice a year and when there is she’s not involved so I’m the bomb
453 days ago
After about a little over a year my wife told me she no longer wanted to have🐬,and if I wanted it I would have to go somewhere else to get it. We have been together for ten years we barely hug and never hold hands anymore. It really bothers me she seems fine with the way things are. I am not I miss having any kind of affection or intimacy. I'm not sure what I should do.
474 days ago
I have been sexless for 6.5 years, wife blamed me for not being intimacy with her, she in her late 50s I tried to express how I feel about it but she just shoots me down every time I mentions the S word. I am going through low testosterone injections, and when I see my consultant I have to lie about my😻life and say yeah am having the best😻ever . when deep down in my mind that am not , even the wife is liying about it when confronted from friends oh hell yeah the best😻am having now..
474 days ago
just said the same thing twice over, that i other couples envy my🌻life , I have not had🌻with my partner for over 5years, the first 3 years of married where just fantastic now its all sexless , I have been tempted on many occasions to go elsewhere and look for sex, but I love my wife so much that I can't bear to leave her.
1259 days ago
Spouse does not approach me at all we never consummated our marriage
1296 days ago
This test is set up for a guy... The questions didn't make sense half the time. I have been married for three years and sexless for 2.. it actually said other couples are envious of all the🦄I'm having! Really, when did sexless become sexful?
1464 days ago
We've had💑twice in our 15 years together
1468 days ago
This is a depressing quiz. There aren't choices for people who don't have sex, who have never had a🐬life. Is take the worse case scenario of an
1584 days ago
She never starts 💗 She doesnt even know what turns me on sexually.
1620 days ago
She never approaches me. We never have 🌻
1620 days ago
None of these options apply. We're in a totally sexless marriage.