Ummm... Take my quiz, and stuff!
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Ummm... Take my quiz, and stuff!

This is a thrilling tale of a man and woman who are about to have a beautiful argument! Join us?

Question 1:If during an argument, you know you are right, do you...
Let your partner keep yapping away until he/she realizes that he/she is wrong?
Interrupt your spouse immediately, and let him/her know that he/she is so so wrong?
Consider that you may not be as right as you think you are, and listen to his/her points, THEN restate what you believe he/she said back to them to clarify?
Watch Survivor!
Slap him/her!

Question 2:When going out to eat with your spouse, yet unable to decide where to go, do you...
Say, 'I wear the pants in this family, so you'll eat where I say you eat!'
Flip a coin?
Let the other person have his/her way, knowing that you were the bigger person?
Make him/her get take-out from their choice, and force them to eat their food in your restaurant?
Drive back home?

Question 3:If you approached by a very randee partner, but you are not in the mood, do you...
Fake it?
Go with the flow, but hold back on the moans?
Tell him/her to take a cold shower?
Make his/her night, in spite of your feelings?
Laugh and point!

Question 4:If you BOTH forget to feed the fish for a month, and they all die, do you...
ask, 'What did YOU do?'
Share the blame, and make a new plan so as not to repeat this act of stupidity?
Go out and buy new fish. (The kind that eat much less often.)
Take the blame. (Even though you BOTH share it.)
Laugh and point!

Question 5:When out shopping with your spouse, you see something you 'can't live without', yet you are too broke to buy it cash, do you...
Put it back on the shelf, wipe away the tears, and move to the produce section?
put it on lay-away, to have it paid off in 5 years?
Steal it?
Put it in your spouse's jacket when they are not looking!

Question 6:If you and your spouse are walking down the aisle in Costco, and the little lady with the paper hat has a tray of 'chicken samples' with only one left, do you...
grab it, eat it, but then feel bad about it?
Run and grab the last piece, but gently place it into your spouse's salivating mouth?
Grab it quickly, break it in half, and share?
Trip your spouse, grab the treat, swallow it whole, and claim the tripping was an 'accident'?
scream at the lady in the paper hat to make more!

Question 7:When taking a test, such as this, do you...
pick answers that make pretty designs down the page?
answer accordingly to achieve a higher score, even if it means lying?
always tell the truth?
choose what your spouse expects you to say? Because he/she is looming over your shoulder!
answer in a manner that makes you feel good.

Question 8:When in a crowded elevator, you smell a toot, do you...
Pretend not to smell it?
Look around the elevator with your 'evil eye' to shame the perpertraitor?
Pull your shirt/blouse over your nose?
Hope nobody knows it was you?
Point and laugh!

Question 9:While making love, you finish before your partner, do you...
roll over and go to sleep?
take a 'little break' then finish the job?
endulge your partner until both satisfied?
ask your partner to finish the job themselves?
Hope nobody smells your toot?

Question 10:When the trash can overflows in your kitchen, do you...
take out the trash yourself, but don't put a liner in the can?
outlast your spouse until he/she breaks down and throws it out themselves?
try to shove your empty pizza box into it?
take out the trash, wash the can, and put a baby fresh scented liner?
Point and laugh!

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