Is It Forever?
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Is It Forever?

Haven't you ever wondered what will happen in your relationship? Whether it's love or not, it's an interesting thought--it is forever?

Question 1:Are you...?
Age 12-14
Age 18-20
Age 15-17
Age 21-24
Age 25 or over

Question 2:How long have you and your significant other been together?
Uh-one night.
2-6 months.
6-12 months.
More than a year.
A month.

Question 3:Are you happy with your relationship?
Most of the time.
When he's not around.
...Not really.
In a group setting.

Question 4:On a scale of 1-5, how attracted are you to your significant other?
1 - I try not to look at him.
5 - He's the guy of my dreams!

Question 5:Do you know about his relationship/sexual history?
He has on/off things.
His last relationship was semi-serious and lasted a few months.
His last relationship was definitely serious and lasted a year.
It's rumored that he's a player.
He's not good at committing.

Question 6:Do you think he lies to you?
Hopefully not.
He wouldn't do that.
I wouldn't put it past him.
We tell each other everything-I would know.

Question 7:What do your friends think of him?
They think we're wrong for each other.
They don't know him.
They think he's cute.
They think the two of us are perfect together.
They think he's a jerk.

Question 8:How often do you spend time together?
On weekends.
Never, really.
Once a week or so.
Whenever we get a chance.
When we have time.

Question 9:How do you spend time together?
We don't.
Making out.
Hanging out in a group.
Doing something you both like, enjoying each other and both joking around and being serious.
Joking around and talking.

Question 10:On a scale of 1-5, how well do you truly know him?
2 - His class schedule.
5 - How he got that scar, how he cried when his puppy died and how much he loves his grandma.
3 - His favorite color and book.
4 - Where he vacations and where he grew up.
1 - Not at all.

Question 11:Have you met his family?
I've seen them once or twice.
I talk to him mom on the phone and eat dinner at his house more often than at my own.
We have a "Hi, how are you?" relationship.
His parents know me well and like me.

Question 12:Has he met yours?
Yeah, and they like him cuz I do.
My parents like him more than they like me.
Yeah, we hang out at my house a lot.
Yeah, he waves when he picks me up.
No way!

Question 13:Does he say he loves you?
All the time, and he means it.
After sex.
He hasn't yet...

Question 14:Do you love him?
No, I don't.
Absolutely--and he knows it.
Maybe someday.
I say I do.
I think I might.

Question 15:When was the last time you told each other you loved one another?
After sex.
A few weeks.
Five minutes ago.
We don't.
A couple days.

Question 16:Do you celebrate anniversaries/birthdays/important dates?
It might be possible if we weren't fighting.
We spend special days together whenever we can.
Every little anniversary or date is celebrated all the time!
We mention it, but don't do anything special.
We celebrate birthdays and big anniversaries.

Question 17:Does he refer to the future?
Next year, us being together.
He can't think ahead 2 hours.
He says he'd be lucky to marry me.
His birthday in 2 months.
The weekend.

Question 18:Where do you see the two of you in 10 years?
The whole "Honey,-I'm-home!-white-picket-fence-and-Fido-thing".
Good friends.
I don't, he's been long forgotten.
Laughing at each other at your 10 year high school reunion.
On opposite sides of the country.

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